Saturday, March 21, 2015

Updated and Expanded Free Science Fantasy Classes Resource - Science-Fantasy Classes and Races For Fantastic Heroes & Witchery As Well As Your Old School Campaigns


Well now Dominique Crouzet is a pretty damn fast game designer, writer, and artist among other talents. He's updated the latest science fantasy addition to Fantastic Heroes and witchery with two new classes which include Runner ( inspired from a classic science fiction film & television show from the Seventies) and a sisterhood class also inspired from a classic science fiction series from the Sixties. I've had a small hand in this little addition to the Fantastic Heroes and Witchery game. According to Dominique: 

"I updated the document! It increased from four to eight pages. Have been added two new classes (Runner and Sisterhood Acolyte) plus a few sci-fi skills. Available on my website for download."

Don't worry folks he's back working on Dark Albion and the Beastry for Fantastic Heroes and Witchery! My advise is to grab this latest addition and start getting in on the ground floor to a fantastic old school campaign!
Run Runner! 

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