Monday, March 2, 2015

Mutant Monday - Free Monster The Spiker For The Mutant Epoch rpg System And Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

   The Spiker is a creature that I missed coming out a couple of months back before the release of the current Mutant Beastry One title. The Spiker is a different sort of mutant horror then one that parties of adventurers might be used to encountering. This bio weapon is sort of living security hazard for higher level wasteland targets. Places such as ruined military bases, underground cache bunkers, and other multilevel wasteland targets for looting. The Spiker comes in two varieties of horror, the brute and the armored variety. Both come with the usual Mutant Epoch boat load of optional creature additions. And the options of cybernetic systems of the armored variety.

Grab It Right

   The Spiker is definitely a mid level monster for adventurers and relic hunters. They are monsters well suited for the wilderness and wastelands of Mutant Epoch or any old school post apocalyptic campaign. They're bear sized and totally nasty from the ground up. These things are smart, dangerous, and apex predator mutants capable of dealing out a great deal of punishment to a party and coming back for more. 
  These things are deadly and insane for a mid level encounter for adventurers. The seven page free monster adds in a nasty surprise for higher levels of play in the wastes. These guys would be perfect for a party of adventures to run into in a ruined urban environment.
    The fact is that the Spiker is a slightly different horror with a more fleshed out background and military history that adds weight to the monster's presence in campaigns.These are monsters that will live and lair around ruins and other post apocalyptic dungeons making them perfect antagonists
 for a number of old school adventure styles. The level of nastiness that the Spiker brings to bare on a party can be an issue. The party must be prepared to deal with the full commitment and sheer level of violence that must used against the brute or armored Spiker clans. 
 The seven page free pdf goes into the placement,background,stats, and everything necessary to place these horrors right into the back drop of your old school post apocalyptic campaigns and adventures seamlessly and with little issue. All of the basics are there with a ton of options for Mutant Epoch or with a bit of work any old school post apocalyptic rpg. Do I think its worth the download? Yes in point of fact I do. Grab this one today and get the Spiker working for you 

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