Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Free OSR Post Apocalyptic Monster - Wailing Jhonny: Creatures of the Apocalypse 10 From Outland Arts For The Mutant Epoch Rpg System & Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The Wailing Jhonny is a brand new mutant monster from Outlands Arts, this is a new take on the usual weird life forms that you often see in post apocalyptic monsters. In this case this monster seems to be equal part bat, bear, with bits of wolf, and all kinds of weird genetic material combined into bit of nightmare fuel given form. The seven page Pdf includes everything that your going to need to add this horror right into your Mutant Epoch campaign. There's a ton of potential on a hunter that depends on echolocation for its eating habits. Everything about this monster pretty much screams versatility and it does the job of filling in the mid level hunter and hazard quite nicely. 


I have to say the Wailing Johnny has some real potential as a woodland, or temperate zone hazard. This sucker isn't something that your PC's are going to want to run into. There is some nicely done little additions to the monsters with a d12 additional mutations table that gives that nice random edge that Mutant Epoch is known for. This little addition keeps the players guessing and adds even more random mutant mayhem to your wasteland night monster. 
In addition to the obvious uses for an echolocation hunting horror there is the addition of a loot table for lairs of the Jhoni's  making this an even sweeter little download.
So is this a well done little monster? In a word, yes and does it fill in the niches that it supposed to? I do in fact believe it does. The fact is that its free is a nice added bonus. Grab this one and add it too your Mutant Epoch or old school wasteland adventures as an addition challenge for your parties in Mutant Epoch. 

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