Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Free Old School Science Fiction Download - Starlog Presents: The Official Star Wars Technical Journal Vol.1,2,3, For Your Old School Sci fi Campaigns

  I'm always quietly poking around the reference grounds of the internet and came across a very interesting little find for the Star Wars fans. Back in the 1990's West End Games D6 Star Wars Rpg was as hot as it gets in Rpg circles and the game still has a loyal fan base. Starlog did a set of 'official reference' books for the Star Wars films. There was  Starlog Presents: The Official The Star Wars Technical Journal, Vol. 1: The Planet Tatooine which came in very handy for the West End games campaigns. Not only did they have variations on 'official' materials but this enabled DM's to vary the content of their campaigns. Especially if they didn't have the extra twelve to twenty dollars for the West End material. 

Now these technical manuals have come up for free download at the Internet Archive. Perfect material for the OSR DYI Star Wars OD&D campaigns. First up is the  Starlog Presents: The Official The Star Wars Technical Journal, Vol. 1: The Planet Tatooine 
Available Right Over 
Go to the right hand side and click Image Container PDF  for this one or do a direct download. 

Starlog Presents: The Official Star Wars Technical Journal, Vol 3: The Rebel Forces
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Go to the right hand side and click to do a direct download.
This is one contains most of the Rebels equipment from the movies including star systems and lots of little details that come in handy for constructing adventures. 

Starlog Presents: The Official Star Wars Technical Journal, Vol. 2: The Imperial Forces

This Journal contains most of the common Imperial screen seen forces. This isn't a bad little reference point for DM's to really get into the Star War's original movie Empire forces. This is a good download for doing skirmish style adventure encounters.

The Download options are on the right hand side of the screen and there a number of options for it. 

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This is a nice piece of Imperial reference for a low impact,low scale Stars Wars Empire campaign. 

Using The Starlog Presents: The Official Star Wars Technical Journal Vol.1,2,3, For Your Old School Sci fi Campaigns  

Using the Starlog technical journals are perfect for doing a Marvel comic book Star Wars old school one shot. All of the common movie references are right in these. And since the majority of Star Wars fans out there are usually pretty fanatical, this means that reference books like these are perfect to throw in some variations for old school campaigns. 

For doing Star Wars, OD&D is a perfect vehicle and there's a vary nice OD&D forum with some solid opinions and ideas right over HERE for doing just this sort of game. In fact the Sword +1 blog has a very nice entry with some nice OD&D style science fantasy adventure resources right over HERE. Are these free technical manuals from Star Log worth the download? In my humble opinion, they make a nice free option for reference and an interesting variation to add into an old school Star Wars campaign. 

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  1. No. The best RPG for Star Wars is WEG's STAR WARS, 1st or 2nd edition, based around the d6 System. There's a G+ Group for it here:


    Also, the second best system is Wizardawn's awesome fan game, Star Wars Galactic Adventures, located here:


  2. Well those are fine and great if folks want to use D6 Star Wars and I agree about Wizdawn's awesome fan game but it wasn't available for a little while. I'm very happy to see that its back. Folks are free to use what they will for their Star Wars games. Cheers!

  3. Also, on the Star Wars front, be sure to check out this awesome site:


  4. Yup, I know about that awesome site and be sure to update your D6 Star Wars love with this bad boy.

  5. Yeah, me too Will but I really wanted to back up my print versions for reference and so I grabbed these today. I don't really think that their that well known except to folks who read Starlog. So I wanted to get the word out there, thanks for the comment pal. More coming up.


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