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1d10 Random Unexpected Mystic Hoard Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are times when adventurers sometimes come across unusual and strange finds out in the wastes. Some of these can be very unusual and weird. Some of these can also be truly odd, here then is a random list off odd and more then slightly strange finds for your old school campaigns.
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There is a 10 % chance of some of these finds being cursed or having far more unique mystical properties then what the object indicates. 

1d10 Random Unexpected Mystic Hoard Finds Table 

  1. The crystalized head of some poor soul, every vein, nerve, muscle and detail of the head is intact and visible. Amazingly there is a slight pulse through the crystal of the skull and the rock itself is more then slightly warm. The eye sockets burn with green gold witchfire in the dark. There is a 10% chance that every new moon the skull will share a mystic vision of a possible future or impart a 2nd level spell to its owner. Worth 5000 gold pieces to a wizard of some renowned. 
  2. A small brass horse statue with a ring of gold around its marble base. The horse is attached to a real ghostly horse's spirit and the animal nays as well as whines in the ear of the owner. The small exquisite work of art will warn of danger and the base's gold ring will glimmer or glow  in the presence of any Fey creature. Worth 700 gold pieces. 
  3. A bishop' miter that contains a small spell book in the hat's brim filled with 1d6 spells of the White school of magic of 2nd level, there is a small silver blade secreted in the seam of one of the tales of the thing writ with protective charms against demons and were wolves. 
  4. A stone sword with live roses clustered around the sword. They are living and the roots go into the rock of the sword. Demons are seeking this sword and wish to possess it to hide it from a rogue angel whom it belongs to. The thing may be cursed and smells heavily of brimstone. 
  5.  A silk handkerchief that is actually a treasure map to the local area that changes with the map's location and actually shows the locations ancient mystic sites of power. Wizards will pay over 500 gold pieces for this rare commodity. ate
  6. The severed hand of an adventurer with seven fingers each with a mystic or magic ring. The hand will come to life and try to kill any servants of Chaos or evil present when looking it. The hand is worth 2200 gold pieces. 
  7. This vase shows scenes of gruesome battle and blood lust, the scenes animate and come to life. The thing has strange writings around the lip of the base and it may open a portal to an incredibly dangerous level of the Abyss. Flies, minor imps, and worse wait for the owner. 
  8. This staff of gold and jet is cursed not reveal all of its secrets, so instead in it seeks out a worthy master who will be the perfect candidate to become a victim and allow the spirit of the staff to possess the poor soul. Suddenly the evil lich will take possession and give several minor levels of wizard to the victim. Ultimately the victim will become a soul clone of the original owner. Worth about 4000 gold pieces. 
  9. A small statue of Cthluhu ringed with rusty chains, the thing has over 600 chains wrapped in weird patterns around it. The statue allows direct communication with the god thing and the poor fool's mind is subject to its control. Worth 700 gold pieces as a curiosity piece. 
  10. A golden ram headed flute allows one to have some of the minor abilities as a bard. The thing will summon a demon horror when certain notes are played. Worth 800 gold pieces.

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