Monday, March 23, 2015

Review of 'The Pay What You Want' OSR PC Resource - Demi-God Race From James Mishler Games For Your Goblinoid Games Retro Clone Rpg Systems & Your Old School Campaign


Now I've been looking for a demi god race PC Race for a little while. This one is pretty well balanced in what it does and presents the demi god very well. Demi Gods are  that ages old  union of god and man and brings them into your old school campaigns  as a playable race. These are the heroes of myth and legend stepped out of the pays of mythology and literature right on to your character sheet. And they have about as much chance of being abused as any other PC class.
The author lays the details bare right in the Drivethrurpg description: 
This Demi-God race is provided for those seeking to run a campaign inspired by the struggles of demi-gods to live among mortals. Such are the tales of the Greek demi-gods from the Heroic Age, of the Iliad and Odyssey; of the descendants of Odin among the early Migration Era tales of the Germans and early Vikings; or the tales and legends of the great heroes of India such as the Mahabharata.
Note that the abilities of the demi-god are mostly balanced out by the fact that her divine parent's enemies, inherited along with her abilities, will often seek her out to destroy her or seduce her to their side. It should also only be used in a campaign where the Labyrinth Lord has the players roll 3d6 for ability scores, limiting accessibility to races appropriately.


This product has all kinds of connotations beyond the usual pale of playing semi Greece or Roman style adventures set in a pseudo old school campaign. The demi god PC class can be applied to a wide variety of  science fantasy and science fictional campaigns especially for Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future post apocalyptic campaigns.  The author does a fine job of presenting exactly what's needed in a concise and well thought-out package. The clocking in at only eight pages the ranges and everything is here and easily applied across the board in a complete range of stats and options right down the line. 

Reading through this product I was suddenly reminded of Gold Key comics Mighty Samson comic of  gonzo post apocalyptic goodness. The mutant hero is a mutant who falls right into the zone of adventure that this product emulates. A party of adventurers whose patronage would follow would follow the same radioactive path of heroism in the shadow of the post apocalyptic wastes. In point of fact this a perfect cross point for such a campaign. Wiki has most of the high points of the original comic book series right over HERE
In fact much of the hard work for such a campaign in the wilds of  "N'Yark" have already been done and are available right over at the Mutant Future Wiki HERE
This race could also be used to deal with the adventures of all those Sons of Hercules who were in reruns when I was a kid. Adventurers whose blood runs thick with the divine essence of the gods and present them into your old school campaigns! I love that rock and rolls intro.
On the serious side you could use the material to present an old school 'Clash Of The Titans' option with the party all half brothers and sisters drawn together for glory and adventure in their parents divine names! 
So yes I can completely see using this material in a wide variety of ways and I'm thankful for James Mishler Games for putting this out for the Goblinoid Games Retroclones. 


  1. Thanks for acknowledging the hard work I did for the wiki. It is always great to see someone (anyone) appreciate what I do there.

    Alas, there is much to do to get those Mighty Sampson pages squared-up and finished. The Mighty Sampson comics (along with Komandi, Axa, etc.) are full of great inspiration for games of Gamma World and Mutant Future.

    Keep up the great posts!

  2. Well I've been quietly using the Mutant Future wiki for years in the backgrounds of my Mutant Future campaigns & my other old school post apocalyptic campaigns as well. It's a fantastic resource and one that seems be under ulitized by Labryth Lord and Mutant Future DM's. A fact that we'll have to change in the near future. Cheers and thanks for the efforts as well as the comments.


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