Thursday, March 12, 2015

1d10 Random Adventurers In The Wastelands Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Out in the wastelands one can run into a wide variety of adventurers, thieves,rogues, scoundrels and much worse. The deep wastelands present opportunities and people that can be exploited by a wide variety of such types and parties never know who or what they might encounter. Here is a table of such individuals to plague your party of adventurers!

1d10 Random Adventurers In The Wastelands  Encounter Table

  1. A wizard on the run from creditors and bounty dogs hot on his trail. The mutated fiend is willing to do work for adventurers or other scum if they can meet his price of 60,000 pieces but he will turn on them as soon as a major artifact presents itself. He is an exploitative fiend of the highest order. 
  2. A pair of missionaries from the church of Order who are looking for 'converts' and donors for their twisted cause of donating to an illicit and dangerous organ bank. These two are scouts for an assassins guild of organ leggers and dangerous aspects of the church of Thex a twisted cult of Order who sees the flesh as chaotic and dangerous. 
  3. A band of knights riding on a quest for the tomb of a long dead ancestor but they are also looking for glory and foes. They have minor power armor and ride astride mutated warthogs. They are armed with energy lances and laser pistol side arms. 
  4. A gang of time lost cut throats on hover cycles armed with laser pistols and vibro swords looking for a 'good time' but also carrying 'zombie plague' as well. 20% of one of these 1d8 cut throats doing a quick turn into an undead. 
  5. A party of zombied adventurers which consists of a former paladin wielding a laser sword, his psycher mentor (still uses 1d4 mental powers by instinct) armed with a laser sword, two malfunctioning robots,a huge alien zombie with bits of fur hanging off, and their star pilot zombie whose still a crack shot with his blaster. They're streaking around the wasteland in what's left of a vintage hover car. And their very hungry. 
  6. A gang of 1d8 con artists posing as missionaries from the Church of Light who are actually fronting for a local Chaos cult that wants sacrifices. They split the take and already have 1d1000 gold, silver, copper pieces. A caravan lays three days journey from here quietly burning itself out. 
  7. A group of 1d6 very lost spacers who are quickly mutating into planet side adventurers, they're looking to hire guides. One of their number harbors an alien parasite within her but she is unaware of this fact. They're using 'runner lizard' mounts and have temporarily moved into a local cave system. 
  8. A very dangerous group of 1d8 bounty dogs tracing down a Chaos cultist and murder who snuffed two local farmers and then took on their shapes. These alien bounty hunters are very nervous. They're armed with ray guns and rifles. They're using hover cycles and a car with a force cage. These guys are willing to share the reward for further information on their quarry. But there are religious reasons for the hunt as well. 
  9. A gang of five adventurers and mercs are on the trail of a local set of ruins but unknown to them a cult has set them up to be the main course of a demon lord. They're broke but have a baby unicorn and some magic weapons. They travel on foot but why is known. 
  10. A gang of 1d10 adventurers and mercs are coming from an ancient war of psychics and they are armed to the teeth in power armor and esper weaponry. They will not hesitate to kill anyone they come across but are looking for guides to see them on the right trail home to their world. They will reward those helping them with a major artifact. 

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