Monday, March 30, 2015

'Pay What You Like' OSR Resource - Hack & Slash Compendium II For Your Old School Campaigns

So Hack and Slash Publishing has for a limited time a complete reworking of their famous Treasure compendium. It contains articles by John Bell, Arnold Kemp and Tom Fitzgerald as well as many others. This is an old school well organized pdf of all things treasure for your old school campaigns and its on 'pay what you want' and my suggestion is to do exactly that. This is solid old school take on treasure. 


There is a ton of useful and very useful gaming content and anything about treasure is set up throughout the Pdf, you couldn't ask for anything more when it comes to the subject.
You can read more about his plans right over on the Hack and Slash blog right over HERE
Here's what's in the H&S Compendium according to Drivethru: 
  • 99+ Pages of content!
  • Things players can spend money on!
  • Hotlinked/Bookmarked .pdf!
  • Weights and capacities for the transportation of valuable goods!
  • Public domain illustrations!
  • Hundreds of unique and interesting items!
  • The secret to creating interesting treasure!
  • Essays by John Bell of the Retired Adventurer, Arnold Kemp of Goblin Punch, and Tom Fitzgerald of Middenmurk!
  • Random generation of treasure, including books, magical books, and book traps!
  • Expanded gemstone descriptions!
  • Costs 0$ for a limited time! Affordable print copy available!
Throw the guy some cash because basically he's going to be throwing the money straight back into his business to give you even more bang for your old school buck. Everything in all one hundred pages of this book is well done. I can see sitting down and actually using this pdf for a number of games from sword and sorcery campaigns to high fantasy this is a perfect vehicle. Its well done and useful straight across the board for any number of games and retroclone systems. 

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