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Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #21: High-Tech Melee Weapons From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns


DM's of post apocalyptic campaigns love to inflict high tech artifact and relic melee weapons on their players. The thrills of seeing the 'ohs' and 'ahh''s is very strong in old school campaigns. This issue of Wisdom From the Wastelands adds a bit more spice to the relics.
According to Drivethrurpg :
Although most Ancients considered melee weapons like swords, axes, maces, spears, and even exotic ranged weapons such as bolas and shuriken to be archaic, some did practice the use of such weapons, and there were inevitably high-tech versions of them. This issue deals with these modern melee weapons, describes alternate methods of creating them, and introduces some new weapons. 

There are certain essential Wisdom From The Wasteland issues and twenty one is definitely one of those. This issue presents one of the key yet over looked weapons of the wastelands. High tech melee weapons for your old school post apocalyptic campaigns. 

Basically this issue is an entire weaponry construction kit for your old school campaigns, what it actually contains is everything from the base high tech construction material to the enhancements for the weapon all the way to the damage for the finished product and then some. What the issue presents is all of the additional odds and ends that make a weapon memorable. Do you want a blade that's laser etched, how about one constructed from high tech synthetic diamond? And even weird combinations of all of the myriad details that go into weapon construction. 
This is one issue that walks the line between gonzo, comic book reality, and high tech trend speculation with a science fictional edge. The kit that essentially makes up this issue takes the material that was presented in the Mutant Future rule book and then turns it up to eleven. Can I recommend this issue? Yes I strongly recommend this issue and then some. This is the type of issue with clear cut uses and one that can be for both players and DM's alike. The material here can enhance weaponry and artifacts in very cool and off the wall ways. The material is balanced and the attention to the devil of the details is strong as is the quality of writing. All in all this issue presents a compact and concise system for generating some highly specialized items in the deep wilderness of the world of the post apocalyptic wastelands. This is one definitely worth every single penny. 

Using Wisdom From The Wastelands Issue #21
For Your Old School Campaigns 
This is one of those issues of Wisdom From the Wastelands that you read and think, how can I not use this material. High technological melee toys add some interesting diversity and much needed boasts to doing hand to hand work with very dangerous mutant monsters.
Is post apocalpytic role playing that this issue of this particular issue, issue 21 paints a picture of a weapons system that can handle anything at all from post apocalyptic gaming. Or to adding this system to a game like Star Ships and Spacemen second edition which could use this type of  system to generate alien  weaponry.
From the set up to the whole system this issue presents a down to Earth approach for dealing with weaponry And this is the issue that has it all. Much of this approach in this issue of WoW is to generate straight up weapon. All in all this system is easily applied to any number of post apocalyptic games such as Mutant Epoch or Mutant Future for much of this material is perfectly suited for generating mountains of guns and weaponry. 

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