Sunday, March 29, 2015

1d10 High Level Occult Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are finds out in the wastes that defy explanation and can 'change' the lives of those whose lives they enter. Here are few weird and more then slightly dangerous relics that can warp and change the way that PC's lives and the very fate of those whose paths they come across.

1d10 High Level Occult Finds Table 
For Your Old School Campaigns 

  1. A casket containing the fleshly remains of an ancient demon, the thing's flesh echoes with the occult energies of far reaching demonic life essence. Make a mutation check as soon as the thing is found and it will animate in 1d4 rounds as a ju ju zombie of double hit points. There is also treasure type C in the bottom of the casket. 
  2. An ancient demonic hand belonging to a lord of the Western gate plane. This hand holds a silver watch like device which will steal 1d10 years from the PC's life but will heal d30 points of damage with strange and alien discolor flesh the next time the character is injured. 
  3. An ancient lens that shows the past lives of those looking through the thing. A character may gain 1d6 random points to physical or mental attributes but the character will be 'changed' by the experience. Friends and family may not recognize the poor soul and they may lose all benefits of their supporting siblings,friends, family and everyone they care about. 
  4. This rod is covered by archaic and esoteric writing, the thing is the silvered spine of some ancient demonic creature and allows the owner to call down a lightning strike upon themselves allowing one to teleport 1d8 miles distance in an instant but the poor soul will be hunted by 1d30 minor demons each time its used. 
  5. This ancient silver skull of a ghoul lord allows one to call a pack of 1d100 ghouls to war.They will come and expect an explanation of why the owner of the skull has summoned them. They expect a cut of the flesh of the kills promised to them in times of war. They will take the caster instead if no war is to be had. The owner gains all the normal immunities  of undead while holding the skull. 
  6. A string of dark glowing crystals that allows one to summon down from the stars a minor spawn of The Old Ones. The thing comes upon leather wings and tendrils, it requires a special sacrifice and will communicate telepathically the maddening secrets of the universe. It will grant 1d6 spells of at least second level and expect more living sacrifices. 
  7. Jewelry of the Deep Ones - This set of classic Deep One's weird gold allows one to telepathically communicate with anyone of Deep One blood and summon 1d6 Deep One warriors. And these baubles allow one to breath underwater by growing glowing gills upon their necks. 
  8. This silver vase contains the mortal remains of an ancient goddess of fertility and anyone handling it must make a mutation check. She will grant 1d8 spells for those who ask for help. The vase is worth a cool 30,000 to 50,000 gold pieces. 
  9. This weird device allows one to be possessed by a god or goddess of high chaos. Those possessed will gain 1d10 mutations and become a minion of the god thing that they summon. 
  10.  This long green emerald rod contains the accumulated knowledge of a lost race. The thing shakes around the energy of the gods and grains the owner visions of hellish events to come and allows one to summon a hunting horror as well access to 1d10 spells of a decidedly Lovecraftian flavor.Worth about 50,000 gold piece to the right collector. 

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