Friday, March 13, 2015

1d10 Random Demonic Statue Weird Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Trapped within stone by ancient gods before the coming of man, there are demonic things and essences within the wastelands that watch,wait, scheme, and sometimes escape the bounds of the Abyss beyond the pale of man. These ancient demonic things hunger for the very soul stuff of mankind and feed off of anyone they encounter. They yern to be free from their prisons of stone and rigid horror trapped in forms leering the universe but unable to escape. Some wander wraith like across the dimensions locked within their forms until the stars are right. Others guard ancient and fabulous treasures put there by gods of Law & Order to observe the time and tide of violence and depravity. Some can loose the bounds of life and slip back into the local space and time continuum but only for a limited stint until once more the powers of law call them back to their prisons of stone and flesh. They are found in the deepest parts of the wastelands watching from behind a snarling mask of fangs, tusks, and even masks of horrific aspect. Anyone seeing one for the first time less then level three must make a save or shiver in instinctive wrongness of these things of demonic fury.
Should they spy a mortal whose flesh and form are weak. They will attack with 3d6 tendrils and pull the poor victim to themselves where the fool must save vs death or switch places with the demonic thing. The victim will find himself helpless and drained of energy as they drop a level enabling the demonic horror freedom to walk the planes for 1d6 months of unrestricted freedom to wreck havoc and violence. 

1d10 Random Demonic Statue Weird Encounter Table 

  1. The trapped bio mechanical fetuses of an ancient god thing entwined around the body of an ancient siren of the damned. The things seem to wriggle and twist just there out of the corner of your eye. It is said that they guard a small king's ransom in gold and jewels. 
  2. The twin aspects of a fallen Greek god pair of twins who cursed the Olympians and have been fused into a pillar of stone. They wriggle and twist in the moon light as they whisper ancient and forbidden secrets to each other. They guard a magic sword of slightly sinister aspect. They attack with hooks,barbed chains and tendrils. 
  3. The trapped and lonely aspect of an ancient and forgotten god thing locked in eternal torment with its demonic keeper. These lovers are now trapped in stone and the long cold embrace of horror. They guard three spell books of demonology and witchcraft. They moan at weekends. 
  4. The pouring out an ancient and demonic well of souls who still haunt the landscape. These things have been fused within a pillar and await the gods for forgiveness them. They guard an ancient aspect of a great relic from the last war. 
  5. A pair of ordinary people's souls have merged with a strange clarity of vision. The power of the old religion keeps them trapped within their strange prison. They guard a dowary of ancient and horrible aspect. Ir guards a book of magic as well. 
  6. An ancient god with a prison of amber, serves as the window into the realm of Shadow. There are 1d8 minor demonic servants moving around the area. 
  7. An ancient hive of demon thing insects moves across the multiverse. This thing has now frozen into a pillar of soul stuff and horror. There are d200 gold,jewels,are trapped with the thing. 
  8. This prison is home to an ancient minor demonic star spawn of Cthlhu and is watched over by 1d8 dark cultists of their god. There are scattered around the base of this thing 1d10 minor finds. 
  9. This thing is a statue that changes shape and form with the phases of the moon as the target looks at it. The thing feeds from the target, shaping itself as the on looker desires but always with an eye towards the sinister. 1d8 minor relics are buried at its base. 
  10. This demonic horror isn't a statue at all but a demon whose been trapped by an ancient wizard, many ancient tribes of mutants leave sacrifices, and gifts for their dark master. The thing is part spider and kraken mixed with leech and it hungers for the flesh and spirit of the living. Any mention of family will drive it off. 

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