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1d10 Random Inter dimensional Raiders Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are always things out in the void that wish entrance to our world, invaders from beyond who come to plunder the pale wastes of our local space time continuum and seek to come beyond the threshold of  the vale. Often these horrors seem to confront heroes, thieves, and barbarians out in the wastelands that border our world from the howling Abyss and the black winds that blow between universes.
Here then is a quick random encounter chart for such individuals,powers and freaks that move between the dimensional barriers. 


Any dabbling and dallying with such entities should be handled with extreme caution for such creatures are known to leave behind traces,curses, and catches especially with their relics, finds, and treasures that they leave behind after passing through areas.

1d10 Random Inter dimensional Raiders Encounter  Table

  1. A small chaos horde of 1d100 mutant horrors moves across the veiled dimensional barrier, there is a 30% chance that a minor demon lord leads this unruly mob of horrors. They are all that remains of the inhabitants of forgotten worlds that have been taken, mutated beyond all hope, and left between worlds for a mini eternity of horror and violence. These things wish to spread their special madness and depravity upon others. 
  2. An incredible weird gang of 1d100 outlaw mutant biker things riding a bunch of bio mechanical mutated things for bikes that breech the dimensional barriers. They have come for blood, souls, and beer! They will take anyone and anything that they can.Murder and horror are these things watch words. Lock up your sons and daughters! There is a 20% chance of these horrors having demon blood running through their veins granting them minor demonic abilities. 
  3. A horde of 1d40 lesser demonic things,naked and coming in a rainbow of colours that seeks souls,treasure, and the soul of a wizard. They have an alien agenda that they use as they spread a reign of terror and horror. There is a 10% chance that they give off weird radiations that can cause mutation in those they have physical contact with. Minor demonic abilities are mixed among them. 
  4. A gang of 1d8 minor demi god outlaws looking for a good time and to raid for spiritual energies. They are all that remains of a forgotten and extinct pantheon of Chaotic gods long gone. These beings move across dimensions with minor chaotic gifts. They 'bless' those they come in contact with the gift of mutation and horrid change. 
  5. A circle of 1d10 statues of order in perfect form teleport into the universe and offer anyone who enters their sphere of influence 'blessed' perfection and immortality by turning them slowly into living representations of Order and Law. Those turned will be granted cosmic awareness and teleported away to begin the process anew. The circle causes 1d6 minor powers of law to manifest. 
  6. A giant three mile wide protoplasmic blob of demonic soul fury crawls into the local area. Anything coming into contact with it will mutated after 1d8 hours. At its center is a hoard of ancient golden artifacts of 500,000 gold pieces of value. Each artifact is topped with the names of those whom this horror has eaten, soul and all. Each hour 1d10 minor demons of chaos will bud off from this thing and form into demonic horrors! 
  7. An ancient cosmic machine of alien origin will teleport in and mutated beings of ancient and sinister aspect will step out. They will be armed with machine guns, energy weapons and a variety of ancient technologies. They will begin killing anything that they run across and slaughtering any fools who approach them. After 1d10 hours they will die and their machines will turn to powder and slimy debris. Anyone touching this stuff must make a mutation check or begin to age 1d4 hours until dead. They're body will be ravaged by horrid cancers as they age quickly and the strange radiations run through them. All of their technology will corrode and age as entropy catches up with them. 
  8. An ancient gang of aliens from beyond part ant, demon, and insect like something else that serve a vast demonic intelligence. These horrors are armed with energy weapons and ride nightmares. They wish to raid,pillage, and cause misery for their master. The worst of it though is that they spread the Red Death in their wake. Only certain ancient rites of Law will banish them! They can not cross pentacles of Law and symbols of law will hold these horrors at bay. 
  9. 1d10 ancient  mutated ghoul things in a strange saucer shaped craft suddenly appear, the thing blisters with alien radiations and anyone coming within 20 feet of it must save vs death or be mutated by horror emanating from the skin of this craft. The ghoul things will burst forth armed with energy weapons and hunger for the flesh of the living. They carry a zombie plague within their fangs and any bite could be fatal with symptoms developing within 1d8 hours unless a cure light wounds spell is applied or a super science treatment is given. 
  10. A howling hoard of weird elf like undead beings on skeletal horses armed with magical weapons and sickles crosses the boundaries of the veil. They seek souls and blood for their demonic master. There are 1d30 of these warriors from beyond. There is a 10% chance that they are also armed with black powder weapons as well. 

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