Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Free OSR Science Fantasy Resources - From The Sword +1 Blog For Your Old School Campaign

So like I was saying earlier I've been poking around in the backrooms of some OSR blogs today and stumbled upon some fantastic little free science fantasy resources. The Sword +1 blog features an entire army of  science fantasy pdfs for OD&D style games. We've got a boat load of sci fi weapons for Boarding Action #1, we've got not one but two alien races in the form of the Boarding Action Formorians and Lumerians. Then we've got Boarding Action Weapons and Armor, then the HSE Psymurai class, The Swords of Abandon Version #2 and #3.
For adventure location construction, you've got The Resistance 100 Random City Buildings, Character Classes, Firearms rules, Kill bots 100, Modern Fire Arms, Monsters V1,
And enough Ruins and Ronin optional material to choke a horse plus more Swords and Wizardry stuff to shake a stick at! And while your at it, you might want to pick up Ruins and Ronin a great little Oriental Adventures style retroclone system. Right HERE

All of this is over on the Right Hand side of the blog

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