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1d10 Random Necrotic & Undead Finds & Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

  When your heroes come across blasted landscapes and wastelands that have been infected by 'ghoul' plagues or incursions of negative planar energies, the dead do not rest quietly. The ground churns with the foul magicks and strange creations of the dead. Here are a few of the possible horrors that your adventurers might run into. 

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1d10 Random Necrotic & Undead Finds & Encounter Table 

  1. 1d6 skeletons hungering for the flesh of the living but covered in the finery of a lost age. Their eye sockets burn with witch fire and claw vacantly at the air. There are over 10000 gold pieces worth of treasure scattered around them but anyone handling any thing that these horrors of ages past have lying around risk has a 60% chance of getting infected by ghoul plague. 
  2. This group of ruins holds the rotting hands of a gang of wizards who have been turned into a display of horror. The very air around them is hazy and unreal but at the center of this carnal display is a magic sword still sharp as a razor. There will be 1d6  skeletal horrors waiting to spring on anyone attempting to grab it. 
  3. An ancient spectral tempress stands waiting and watching for a man or woman to enter her domain, she luridly displays her charms and cons whomever she can with her demonic illusions. Anyone entering with 30 feet is subject to a charm spell. A pack of minor demons waits in the wings to devour anyone who is foolish enough to enter her realm. There is a bunch of type A treasure within. 
  4. A drowned ship has been turned up by the Earth's spasms and 1d8 ghoulish skeletons and undead wait to devour the living. There is a golden urn worth 600 gold pieces waiting aboard and a moldy spell book dedicated to the 'white schools' of magic. 
  5. A pile of golden skulls four foot high grins at the world and these necrotic horrors will tell prophecies of fortune and doom for anyone who will listen. Each has a minor demon bound within them. They are worth 300 gold pieces to the right collector or wizard. 
  6. A beautifully bound spell book in crimson and jet gold with silver in lay waits at the top of a pillar. The thing is worth 30000 gold pieces to the right collector but it is the prized possession of a 6th level undead wizard whose soul is bound into the thing. 
  7. There is a pile of gold and silver coins partially melted glinting in the night or day light. They are actually infected with a horrid slime that will do 3d6 points of damage to anyone handling them. Ironically this slime can easily wash off in running water. 
  8. A ring of jade  sacrificial knives glints in the sun, they're over two hundred of the knives. Each one has a skeleton that will burst forth from under the Earth to murder the fool who stumbles upon them for their nameless gods. Each knife is worth 20 gold pieces at best and their worth is part of the illusion of this place. 
  9. A table set up with golden plates, finery, and cutlery glints in the sunlight. Food of the most incredible type awaits anyone stumbling upon the scene. Anyone feasting after 2d4 round will hear incredible music and see musicians of a skeletal and ghoulish aspect. The victims will be subject to a charm spell and then 1d8 zombies will burst from the ground armed with short swords and shields to ritually kill the fools. 
  10. A beautifully carved staff of bone and jet sits in the middle of your adventure location. It belonged to a high level lich and has within it 1d8 random spells and the mind of its owner. It awaits a new body and soul. Take it as you will. 

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