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1d10 Random Deep Wasteland Contacts Table For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

  Deep in the wastelands there are mutant and human tribal controlled fortifications, ruins, military bases, and other oases of society amid the tides of post apocalyptic destruction. There are individuals and contacts who might be of use to parties of adventurers and outlaws. Here is a selection of such individuals for your old school campaigns. 

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1d20 Random Deep Wasteland Contacts Table

  1. Jangus The Map Seller,this sage of the wastelands is often selling his maps and wares to adventurers.He collects tales of the wastelands and is more then willing to share and exchange such tales with others. He charges 100 gold pieces for his maps and has a next work of adventurers who work for him collecting information and rumors of ruins.Wizards and warlords alike value his information but he walks a razor's edge with his profession. He is highly telepathic and actually a dangerous psionic if crossed. 
  2. Mecrus The Automaton - This mechanoid is a combination of android,alien cyborg,and bits of magical items in combination. This life form is thousands of years old and has the unique ability of 'reading the past's future' as it calls its ability. Mercus can instantly know the form and function of any piece of technology that it touches.Its past,its form and function, and its possible future.It does not charge for its abilities but instead trades off favors and agendas for its abilities. It often is seen at courts of wasteland princes and wizards alike traveling from court to court. It has a wicked sardonic humor and strange haunted irony about it.Children love Mecrus and he often tells them tales of his his former master the Olympian god Vulcan.
  3. Raus The Gun Smith - The traveling wagon of this black powder genius jiggles in the blasted wasteland sunlight ringed by iron tools and rusting barrels of guns from across the planes. Raus is a reptilian mutant from some ancient world. He creates matchlocks,wheel locks,and flint locks within hours for clients after measuring and working with the client. Each one is a work of art requiring hours of careful craftsmanship. He is a true mercenary and businessman charging 4000 gold pieces for his custom weapons. Up to 300,000 for more elaborate weapons.Any who try to hurt him will find out exactly how dangerous he is,he has a demonic patron who guards him. A pit fiend of the seventh dark whose life the gun smith saved several thousand years ago. 
  4. Trus the wanderer - This telepathic flower seller wanders from place to place selling exotic flowers but his real knowledge is mutant herbs,flowers, and other exotic floral mutant kind.He is courted by warlord and wizard alike for his knowledge. He often travels with some botanical mutant as a companion. There is speculation that he has mutant ability of plant symbiosis.He exchanges his favors for the recovery of certain mutant species of plant from the wastes. 
  5. Thurrus The Sage - He is not even human or mutant but an alien life form visiting the local space continuum for information on our cosm. He is a data bank of the past,present,and some of the possible futures. He imparts his knowledge for a slice of 1d8 years of adventurer's memories. Thurrus is part sage and adviser to both kings and wizards alike. He often accompanies adventurers out into the wastes only to disappear on his pupils at in opportune times and reappear and set them on the road of adventure once again. 
  6. Bobbie The Suit - This mutant is a seeming analog of a lawyer from another time far in the past. This creature is a master manipulator of kings and the insignificant alike. He moves according to the motives to his ancient masters, a council of highly dangerous artificial life forms. He has a wide array of mutant powers and seems to show up with key pieces of relics and artifacts for parties of adventurers according to the wishes of his masters. Many whisper it is merely for the entertainment of these mysterious masters. Anyone who crosses this weird blue green mutant end up as charred corpses. 
  7. The Witch of Charous - This prophetic seer moves across the wastes with her case of crystals moving from one royal court to another. She is a telekinetic of the highest order who uses her witch's sight to peer into the souls of royal and sinner alike.Quests and adventures are created from her prophesies. Kings and warlords like enjoy her shows of floating crystals but heed her words. She actively courts young adventurers for favors and quests.She summons angel's of the wastes,mutant tribesmen who respond her commands. 
  8. The Tattered One - This wizard has no kingdom or war machines,instead he has moved past mutation and magic itself. His wanderings bring him to the courts of other wizards where he advises on matters of magic of the highest order. He often seeks adventurers for seeking out some mysterious relic or other. There are as many legends about him as there are sightings of this mysterious traveler of the wastes. 
  9. The Child of Err - This creature wears the shape of a post apocalyptic child and wanders the wastes looking for adventurers who will play her games.She offers some fabulous treasure if the adventurers can complete some dangerous and diabolical quest. These quests are the entertainment of warlords and wizards like but why is unknown. She is immensely powerful and dangerous,her powers are weird and semi terrifying in the extreme. 
  10. Daniel Smith- This mercenary boss recruits adventurers for his missions of relic recovery and shares tips of wasteland survivor. He offers many pieces of equipment at 10% off list prices for rumors,relics,and tales of adventure. Wizards seek him out for his roster of adventurers for their strange and alien agendas. 
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  1. Another great list of encounters Needles. Have you ever thought about compiling your various lists from this blog into a single PDF for download? Maybe you could even do a PWYW on RPGNow, or something like that.


  2. I need some help for doing a PDF and haven't had time to really reach out to a publisher or friend to help out on that front. Maybe sometime soon Edowarsblog but for now there's a pdf option under entries on the blog for now. Cheers Edowarsblog and more coming up.


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