Sunday, March 15, 2015

Free OSR Resources - Borderlands Downloads From The Borderland Blog For Your Old School Campaigns

Getting started on PC's and having a set of alternative resources for OD&D character creation is always something that a DM welcomes. Well this morning I stumbled upon a really nice set of free downloadable resources.

File:Batak Warriors 60011135 original.jpg

  I'm always poking around the internet blog land and I'm familiar with the OSR efforts of the Primsmatic DM from the Borderland's blog. His wonderful Chaos Hordes is there on his Borderlands blog download page but there's a plethora of OSR resources that are very useful really well done. They're also free, so I decided to take advantage of them. The Wastelands Random Encounters & Wilderness Travel Tables v1.4  is a nice set of Random tables for wilderness travel and creature encounters by predominant terrain type for an Old D&D or retro clone system. The Racial Secondary Skills v1_0 is a nice secondary backdrop set of background skills for PC's or NPC's. According to the blog they're,' Random tables based on race to determine secondary skills (or professions, background careers, etc.)'  these are found in the  list of 170 NPCs with names and a few personal quirks. This is followed by the Traits and Tokens starting stuff for basic PC creation & add ons for NPC creation like the little bits and pieces that make that personal  to old school character creation. There's even a table of random dungeon set dressing to download. All these wonderful little treasures are available right over 


  1. Bookmarked! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Got more coming and thanks for taking! Your very welcome. Cheers Ravenseye!

  3. Hiya Needles! Thanks for sharing the news of my OSR resources at the Borderlands, much appreciated for the kind words. Cheers!

  4. You are very welcome Steve C., somehow your comments slipped under the radar. The OSR resources are awesome and glad I could throw a spot light on them. Cheers Steve! You know what a rabid OSR kinda guy I'm so, if you feel like throwing anything my way. I be sure to get into folks hands! Cheers!


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