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1d10 Random Wasteland Elder Advisers and Deep Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Guides Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The deep wastelands offer strange turns of time and space, places where the threads of fate intersect and weave themselves around the what once and the will be's of the world. Past,present, and future move along the bends and breaks of time.
These conditions make it very easy for agents of fate,neutrality, and beings of power to send their movers, elders, and guides to heroes who need their insights and services. These beings can be party patrons, pivots, and beings whose advise, council and wisdom changes the course of history. 
The deep wastelands where mutation,villainy, and horror lurk are where you will find these agents watching over the destinies of worlds. Here then is a list of patrons and guides for your old school campaigns. 

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1d10 Random Wasteland Elder Advisers and Deep Wasteland Guides Table 
  1. A former hero and barbarian chieftain this agent of a god moves along the threads of fate and watches as he grows old in age.He is armed with enchanted weapons and the wisdom of ages. He moves with the sure footed skill of a thirty year old but the ageless wisdom of ancient hero. He can shape shift into a grizzly bear and retains the wisdom of ancient spirits. 
  2. This druid and gardener tends the forests of his world,and moves among the woodlands as sainted keeper of the ancient wisdom of a vanished race. His face has been tattooed with the lost prophecies of fate and his hair is knotted with the coiled twine of fate. He bares the magick of his years and looks to be a part of at least a few more quests before the cycle of fate takes him back to his ancient teachers. 
  3. This enchanted elder guide has crossed the bounds of life and death many times.He carries the burden of immortality and the ancient curse of having once been a hero. He is a wizard of some renowned but is loath to reveal his powers and identity and instead watches for those who need his council and help. He carries a staff of the ages and the robes of his office. 
  4. This ancient sainted crone is a witch of the highest order but retains the old ways of the fairy mothers.She watches the threads of fate with a keen eye and the intelligence of a burdened queen.She seeks out great heroes and adventurers testing them,advising them, and sometimes killing them should they not meet her and ancient mistress's standards. She cares the scissors of fate and a dagger of judgement. Many seek her out but few meet her gaze of doomed wisdom and the hint of insanity in her eyes. 
  5. This ancient knight once served Chaos with abandoned but age has tempered blood thirst with wisdom of slaughter. Neutrality and ancient Order offered this murderer a reprieve from death itself as he must now advise the heroes and survivors of his former kind's deeds over and over. He still maintains the sorcerer's sword that was his mark of distinction but now moves where and when his wisdom is needed. His armor is old, battered but still offers protection of the highest order. 
  6. This ancient fighter has seen far too many battle fields.Her eyes retain the death and destruction of her art and occupation but now she moves across the ages. She has advised men and women of renown for ages and her heart sings with the blood of a thousand wars.She moves once again where the winds of fate take her on the post apocalyptic wastes.Her enchanted sword still sings with its enchantment and venom. 
  7. Fate moves this card player where and when he is needed. His cards are like his skin, old and battered but they retain the colour and cold wisdom that life has taught him. His case of games also offers some sorcerous surprises and a globe of tomorrow allows him to see into the souls of worthy heroes. Are you worthy of his guidance? 
  8. This ancient spider magician retains the favor of her patron by crossing over the webs of fate and following the patterns of joy and hell to find those who need the wisdom and insight of the spider goddess. 
  9. This alien priest of a higher power of wisdom moves among us as a cleric of neutrality and ancient wisdom. He has seen the fall of mankind many times but his divine magic allows him to slip between the cracks of time. He knows when to arrive and leave. Curses are given to those who do evil in the name of Chaos and horror. He devises tests to train and enlighten his charges. 
  10. This former wizard maintains the inhuman aspects of his former bargains but now serves the side of neutrality by offering heroes and mercenaries to places where fate dictates. His powers are vast and mysterious. He knows where the bodies are buried and the treasures are but he is willing to sometimes get his hands dirty as well in fights. 
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