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1d10 Random Occult Casket Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

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Adventurers and outlaws like stumble unto weird and strange finds in caskets and other strange containers for treasures and relics. Some of these objects and devices are of strange and unearthly origin, they have weird and strange ways of defeating those who would violate they're contents. Many are the property of higher dimensional beings who have laid their objects and treasures in our worlds to have an occult anchor to our more pleasant reality. 
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1d10 Random Occult Casket Finds Table 

  1. This ivory and gold casket contains the ashes of an ancient god lich emperor whose name is lost to antiquity. The thing is worth about 5000 gold pieces and contains the undead spirit of the the long dead thing whose now completely and utterly insane but attacks as a level draining ghost. 
  2. This reliquary contains the green moldy ashes of a long dead alien pilot, the thing will awaken as a wight and attack the nearest fool. The container is silver, gold, and jeweled,worth 4000 gold but handling it will infect the victim with a green mold spawn save vs death or become an alien fungal carrier. 
  3. This casket contains the jewels and remains of a once great queen who resides as a mist borne vampiress. The ivory, copper, and silver container is worth 4000 gold and the jewels which are cursed another 600 gold pieces. 
  4. This isn't a casket at all but a bio mechanical alien device for animating the remains stored within but the device is damaged and the thing will create a green slime covered zombie thing with double hit points. The device is worth a cool 6000 gold pieces to any wizard interested in the occult sciences of its design. 
  5. This gold casket is a combination of sorcery and super science, it contains the life essence of five different undead beings mixed together to form a weird elemental demon. The casket is made from solid hellish gold and worth 666 gold pieces. 
  6. This silver casket contains the gems and jewels of an alien princess but this isn't gems in the tradition sense but the eggs for this weird giant alien cockroach horror. They will begin to hatch when the warmth of a body activates them. The silver casket contains 1d4 binding spells for these alien things. Its worth 6000 gold pieces to a wizard whose into these types of collectibles. 
  7. This casket is actually a specially made magical cooling unit that can store body parts for hundreds of years. Inside are a collection of 1d20 hands and eyes. The thing is worth 5000 gold pieces to a necromantic cult. 
  8. This strange casket is actually the dowry for an alien being and contains the souls of eight human wizards who will be given over to the demonic guardians of this princess's casket. She will wed and devour the owner of this object. She will magically appear when it is found.The thing is worth 400 gold pieces and a special binding ritual must be preformed within the first five minutes of its appearance. 
  9. This cakset is made from the weird brass gold of the Deep Ones and contains a special metal spell book of ancient Deep One lore. The thing is slightly radioactive and has 1d10 spells of 1st and 2nd level written within it. Worth 10000 gold pieces to a Deep One cult but it has a special curse. Whomever finds it must save vs death or be transformed into a double hit point Deep One Guardian. 
  10. This strange and unusual casket contains a special gateway to hell and some very special and unique guardians will appear when it it opened. This is not done easily and it is a unique solution each time. What is your pleasure Sir? Worth 30000 gold pieces and a special demonic guardian watches over this piece equal to a pit fiend.
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