Wednesday, April 1, 2015

'Pay What You Want' OSR Adventure Resource - The Howler For Your Old School Campaigns

Sometimes you need a low level but well done party crawl adventure and the 'Howler' delivers exactly that. It strikes a nice balance between a nice evenings adventure and a full blown delve into darkness. The PC's are going to be challenged here and really rolled in with some neat little challenges.
J.V. West strikes a nice balance with his maps, art, and writing. The nice part about this little adventure is the format, it comes with everything you need back written for OSRIC which means its easily adaptable to any AD&D 1st edition campaign.


The Drivethrurpg blurb:
Howls on the Hill! What evil stirs on that graveyard knoll? Find out in this short, low-level adventure for a group of characters unafraid to face the darkness.
Coming in at just under twenty one pages this module offers some interesting challenges and some nicely written ideas to challenge a group of players. Everything is included in one concise and well put together package for easy digestion and a quick night's entertainment. The artwork is fun, the map is very  well put together, and the ideas here very nicely thought out. I love the new monster type, and the challenges here mean that the players are going to have fun.
The artwork throughout is very nicely thought out and goes with the author's tone for this adventure. I can't stress that this adventure is made to be a fun evening's romp through an old school dungeon.
The download even comes in two consistent flavors 3.5 or the OSRIC style flavor. Can I see using this adventure with other retroclone systems? I sure can! This adventure could easily be ported over to either Fantastic Heroes and Witchery with no work at all for a  low level sword and sorcery introduction adventure or for Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea where you don't need a total party killer but a solid adventure to introduce the concepts and conceits to a group of newer players. I would place 'The Howler' outside one of the various city states.
The Howler could also be used with Labyrinth Lord Advanced or even as a science fantasy cross over adventure for the Mutant Future feature Mutants And Mazes. The potential here is really up to the DM. I love the art,the concise writing, and the potential for campaign expansion as well as using this adventure for introducing key old school elements to a campaign. Five out of five stars.  


  1. Who's the artist? That style looks really familiar.

  2. James V West is the artist and I think his style is great. Website right over here.


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