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1d10 Random Finds and Treasures of the Dreamlands Table For Your Old School Campaigns

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Adventurers are often running into odd or strange things that trickle in from the Dreamlands, there are odd treasures and relics that wash up on the shores of reality. Some of these can be good or some can be very, very, dangerous with prices all of their own. Here is a listing of 1d10 random Lovecraftian treasures to bedevil your adventurers with.
“Down through this verdant land Carter walked at evening, and saw twilight float up from the river to the marvelous golden spires of Thran. And just at the hour of dusk he came to the southern gate, and was stopped by a red-robed sentry till he had told three dreams beyond belief, and proved himself a dreamer worthy to walk up Thran's steep mysterious streets and linger in the bazaars where the wares of the ornate galleons were sold. Then into that incredible city he walked; through a wall so thick that the gate was a tunnel, and thereafter amidst curved and undulant ways winding deep and narrow between the heavenward towers. Lights shone through grated and balconied windows, and, the sound of lutes and pipes stole timid from inner courts where marble fountains bubbled. Carter knew his way, and edged down through darker streets to the river, where at an old sea tavern he found the captains and seamen he had known in myriad other dreams. There he bought his passage to Celephais on a great green galleon, and there he stopped for the night after speaking gravely to the venerable cat of that inn, who blinked dozing before an enormous hearth and dreamed of old wars and forgotten gods.” 
― H.P. LovecraftThe Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

  1. Golden straight razor capable of cutting through the material dreams of men and worth 500 gold pieces to the right collector but it is cursed with a blood curse of entropy and haunted dreams. 
  2. A crystal from the dreams of a child that sings of old gods and the haunts of men's dreams within the thing is the soul of a wizard who sold his mind to an ancient horror. With 200 gold pieces for it is a meager and cursed thing. 
  3. A scroll case that contains the writings of a Yithian wizard and super scientist written on the interior of the metal cylinder that unfolds itself. The thing tells its owner their greatest weakness and has been known to drive strong men mad. The scroll also tells the history of the dreams of mankind when it wishes. A very valuable find from the beginning of life on Earth. 800 gold pieces and a telepath needs to read it.  
  4. The jeweled heart of a goddess that allows its owner to reshape their dreams and nightmares but the heart has plans of its own. The jade like jewel is made from the stuff of dreams and can be fickle turning different colors and smelling of the dreams of childhood.  Worth about 40000 gold pieces but there are three different factions after it. 
  5. The crystallized embryo of a demonic thing, it still bares traces of its weirdly fused post  human origins.  The thing advises and chortles about matters of wizardly and mystical matters.  It claims it is looking for a worthy master to share its secrets with. In point of fact this thing manipulates and sets up its hosts while sharing esoteric knowledge.  The thing is an exiled demon of some importance.  Worth 10000 gold pieces to the right wizard who might murder for it. 
  6. A piece of dead wood from the World Tree, this thing drips with the sap of ages allowing its owner to find the dreams and illusions of the gods. The sap is made into a tea that gives its owner visions of old and ancient places along the most dangerous routes of the mind and soul in other dimensions.  Sanity rolls are a must and there is a 30% chance of encountering the dreams of an ancient god or horror. 
  7. A casket of an ancient dead fossilized tree that contains the dream wine of Gugs. The stuff eats through most other containers except the glass ware of ghouls one of which is attached to the thing by the preserved gut of a poet.  The stuff reeks but grants 1d30 visions to the drinker who will witness the stuff crawling into his orifices as it happens. There is a 40% chance of the fool not waking at all as a Great Old One or Outer God has eaten his soul. 
  8. A stringed instrument made from the skeleton and still living bits of a Lovecraftian Ghast. The thing is programmed with five different songs that can be played by a bard. There is a 20% chance that the insane god thing which created this horror is looking for it.  Worth 400 gold pieces or 3000 to a necromancer who has been searching for the thing. 
  9. Spun gold of the dreams of the Fey, this strange golden material has been created from the fevered death  dreams of thieves and prospectors who have lost their lives seeking such treasures.  The material is favored by wizards and black magicians who spin it into cloaks and demonic carpets of dark aspect. Worth about 6000 gold pieces a yard. This material can be used by the Fey to create snares for the souls of men and beasts to feed to their Outer God masters. 
  10. Crystal of the Underworld that contains the locked essence of an Outer Thing, this crystal pulses with minor power and malice. The thing will allow a door to the Outer Darkness to open and dreams of the darkness to flow into the mind of the owner. This grants 1d4 spells from the howling madness that churns through the soul of the owner but he will lost 1d3 points of wisdom each time this happens. 

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