Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Quick Review Of The Gar’Haden Family Crypt By Steve Gilman For Your Old School Campaigns

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The The Gar’Haden Family Crypt is a well done and quite straight forward old school adventure, the material here seems to pull from the horror filled roots of OD&D and is done with a great sense of dread and doom. The author has assembled all of his bits and pieces very well to enable a DM to drop this adventure right into his existing campaign. The design could be used as a part of a far more extensive campaign set up or as a drop and draw adventure for its intended game system which is Sword and Wizardry. The use of monsters is straight out of the S&W Monstrosities & Tome of Horrors Complete titles and the twists on the more traditional undead are surely welcome here.  The maps is well done and gives the DM exactly what's need to peer into the crypt.
This adventure could work for any number of campaign styles from straight up horror to a more sword & sorcery based campaign as well as everything in between. Style and substance are fully fleshed out here but there is plenty of meat on the bone for a DM to do their own DYI twist to add this to their own campaign. All in all a very enjoyable little romp through the grave yard and the author knows how to put together a tight,condense, and professionally done adventure. This adventure is the first to receive the Swords and Wizardry compatible logo. I meant to get this one up days ago but work has been keeping me busy and it seems sometimes the OSR titles can get away from you as an author. 

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