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1d20 Random Weird Wasteland Cult Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are some relics and artifacts that can cause many complications for PC's who find them, some are the products of super science and a blend of sorcery. All of them have a streak of the souls wrecking weirdness about them and these relics can be adventures within themselves.
So here is a d20 table of random wasteland finds that will beguile and bewitch your adventurers as they explore the ruins, dungeons, and catacombs of the wastelands. 

1d20 Random Weird Wasteland Finds Table
  1. An incredible musical instrument and product of super science blending gold, silver, and alien metals. Plays the music of the spheres by itself. worth 850 gold pieces 
  2. A weird super science instrument filled with a strange slowly moving liquid that once per week can cast a telekinesis spell and is capable of moving over 200 lbs of stuff. Worth 900 gold pieces and an alien dimensional traveler is searching for the thing. 
  3. A treasure map of nearby dimensional locations via holes in the astral. Worth 400 gold pieces and its the property of a minor demon 
  4. A time piece that creates a time stop spell once per new moon. The thing can halt a lycanthropes transformation but not the curse. Were wolves will trade to buy the relic for 700 gold pieces or try to murder the owner. 
  5. A product of super science this wand is able to create a breath of red dragon fire in a 40 foot range. This tool has 5 charges and there are a group of dragons seeking this relic worth 5000 gold pieces to the right collector. 
  6. An astral diving bell that is able to hold four people and capable of crossing four nearby dimensions. There are four weird alien skeletons made of metal inside the thing. Worth 50,000 gps to the right cult. 
  7. A broken ray gun perfect as a parts donor 600 gold pieces to the right collector but the thing is haunted by the ghost of its last owner. 
  8. A silver ring that contains a paralysis ray generator within it. Capable of casting a paralysis ray within a 20 foot range. This relic is in form of a wedding ring which cursed and being sought by its undead owner. Worth 500 gold pieces as a collector's piece. 
  9. A golden treasure chest that contains the decaying remains of a broken lich king who was once a mighty ruler of the undead. Worth 5000 gold pieces to his devoted cult of minions who are seeking their former master. They will murder to possess it but he is not seeking them. 
  10. A preserved brain of a super scientist which is now acting as a Mi Go bio drive. 600 gold pieces to the right cult but this artifact is being sought by the scientist's descendants. 
  11. Spent nuclear rods, fuel and the FTL drive in sealed lead lined casket, this relic is being sought by a cult of ancient alien astronaut worshipers. Worth 300 gold pieces but the cult will try and sacrifice the owners to the spirit that dwells within this radioactive prison. 
  12. Preserved but still living skin of an assassin and thief, this tool of the trade will turn anyone wearing it into a master assassin of 6th level or better. The wear is however a cold blooded psychopath and this 'treasure' contains the memories of those who have worn it before. A cult has developed around the thing to preserve the traditions associated with it. 3000 gold pieces to right collector
  13. A ring of telepathic intrusion that will try to telepathically mind rape anyone who wears it and those who are in the 40 foot vicinity of the thing. This relic is actually an alien mind weapon and there is a group of telepathic paladins seeking to destroy it as well as a cult that wishes to worship the the treasure as the remains of a god. Worth 700 gold pieces to the right weird collector. 
  14. Cybernetic steel beetle system that adds +3 to the dexterity attribute but its cursed to accelerate the organ and mind of the user as it fills the fool with the whispers of insanity and forbidden secrets. It can not be shut out but there is a group of wizards who are seeking the thing for its weird and insane secrets of the higher universe. 
  15. A super science dagger capable of cutting away the shadow of a person and slicing up the moral compass of the victim creating perfect psychopathic killers. The dagger has a dangerous and weirdly twisted mind within it that seeks to spread it its evil. A cult of its victims has developed around it. Worth 740 gp's to the right collector who will be murdered by its cult. 
  16. Weird astral thread capable of binding demons and souls together, this needle and thread has passed among mortals and caused horrors across the universe as massacres of murder and mayhem have been created in its wake. Worth 1000 gold pieces to a demon worshiping cult who use it as part of their rites. 
  17. Crystal vial with the preserved liquid of innocent souls within it. This stuff is used to attract demon lords and foul hell spawn of the highest caliber and capable of being used to commit perfect murders. Worth 10000 gold pieces to the right assassin's guild. 
  18. 13 inch diameter magic ring with the dimensional door spell wrought within the hazy magic runes of the thing. This ring is very dangerous to look at and a cult is seeking it for their god.  Worth 60000 gold pieces as it is actually a dimensional spell key. 
  19. The dying embers of a pack of 1d10 married people's souls that have been slaughtered and bound within this silvery gold wedding ring. Worth 600 gold pieces to a wizard of this cult who will bargain these souls with a succubus of the lowest caliber. 
  20. Toxic waste left from the wracked and ruined time continuum left behind after packs of demon lords have feasted upon the remains of ages past. This stuff is stored within six strangely wrought barrels and this stuff is used as batteries for incredibly dangerous dimensional magic rites. Worth 60000 gold pieces as it can also be used in very dangerous resurrection rites. 
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