Monday, April 6, 2015

1d10 Random Ancient Wasteland Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are many weird and ancient ruins that adventurers came come across in the middle of the wastelands where time and space may be strange. These are places where adventure and fortune await the brave and foolish alike. Here then is a random table of places that can act as mid level encounters for a band of brave adventurers out in the wastelands of sword and sorcery mystery. 


1d10 Random Ancient Wasteland Adventure Locations Table

  1. An ancient temple complex dedicated to a long lost pantheon of Lovecraftian gods whose ruins echo with the howls of ancient and long forgotten demons. There are 1d8 random undead of moderate power wandering in these ruins and demons of Type A along with some treasure of Type C here. A vast gallery underground mazes snakes through the area. 
  2. This long forgotten wizard's tower is home to 1d10 bandit's ghosts and on certain nights they howl their praises to dead and alien gods. There is a weird series of underground tunnels that resembles the guts of some ancient monsterous worm. The place is ringed with bio mechanical traps and mechanisms. 
  3. This pile of ancient stone works is  the former home to some ancient space dock and there are 1d10 ghouls and weird ghosts who haunt the place. There is type B and some F treasure here but a flying saucer hunts the places where these lost artifacts are kept. 
  4. This ancient and crumbling fortress was the home of a ancient and powerful lich queen but now only her undead skeleton warriors remain, they guard her ancient galleries of Lovecraftian demons and their jeweled offerings. Type D and S treasure is found here but it is cursed and very dangerous. 
  5. This ancient temple complex is ruined up top but sports a vast underground mazework that is home to families of blind and ancient mutant ape things who have a hunger for flesh and bone of humanoids. There are vast offerings to their heathen gods. Type G treasure is guarded by parasitic rot grubs and demon maggot things. 
  6. This wrecked set of alien sky scrapers is home to a degenerate tribe of mad man things who worship damned and dying alien gods from another time. They kill any one they come across as offerings to their horrid masters who drain the souls of their victims. Type A treasure has been left within the temple space of the sky scrapers. Ancient and terrible alien winds blow through this haunted place. 
  7. This set of black octagon tower buildings is home to giant alien hornets who take and kill anyone they come across to decorate the interior of their nests with the corpses of their victims.  There is type C treasure sealed with a chest but it is guarded by an ancient glabrezu who uses weapons made from the bones of her murdered victims and shod with the souls of these fools. 
  8. This ancient set of Greek looking temples is actually the home of a set of weird and ancient godlike soul essences of some lost power of horror and madness. The buildings are actually traps to keep these things confined within. Offerings of Type C treasure have been displayed throughout but an ancient lich king keeps watch over the entire affair. He will kill and feed upon the souls of any who come here. The godlike things count as wights and appear to be black demonic corpse things. 
  9. This weird and ancient set of ruins is a big pile of rubble upon top but below it is a vast maze of twisting and spinning tunnels that leads to an  entrance to Hell. It is guarded by a legion of the Sons of Kyuss. They watch all and must be offered some valuable piece of treasure in order to not join them in guarding their eternal vigil. There is mostly type B treasure hidden in niches in the tunnels where these undead horrors are. 
  10. This ancient stone silo guards an ancient maze work that descends into the depths and guards a dungeon of fabulous wealth and secrets of super science artifacts. A legion of minor Dretches are all that remains of this once proud and murdered race of god like aliens who have fallen to the horrors of chaos and the Abyss. Type Q and some minor super science artifacts can be recovered from here.

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