Thursday, April 2, 2015

Free OSR OD&D Campaign Setting From The Semper Iniatiavus Unum Blog For Your Old School Games


  So do you need an OD&D setting, a place where adventure is right around the corner and there are ruins awaiting your PC? Well the Semper Iniatiatus Umum blog has a very nice bare bones OD&D style setting waiting right for you there. This is a really nice and completely serviceable little free setting for a nice retroclone or OD&D style of game campaign. The maps are well put together, the setting interesting and uniquely old school the world very interesting and perfect to drop your PC's into the deep end of the campaign. Everything is set up and mostly ready to go. There is a nice ratio of customization to DYI elements going on here and a really well done but concise set of locations. 

  According to the blog this was a ton of fun to put together. Personally I think its well done and a really nice addition to the free resources I've got on the blog. According to the author: 
   Kudos to James Mishler for the excellent map that is on the first page
 I'd really like to hear stories from referees who use any of these ideas in their games, and how it goes - should be a fair sight different from "vanilla" Dungeons & Dragons! Thanks to all the people who've had kind words as this series went on, it was a lot of fun.

This one is really interesting and kinda weird, its another take off on the original setting presented in OD&D.
                                            According to the campaign intro:
  This campaign is based on the wilderness setting from book three of the OD&D books The Underworld and Wilderness Adventures book.There's a bit of Barsoom, a bit of Camelot,cavemen, and a healthy doses of the odd right in the background.
 So grab it, grab some friends and start really getting into a deep and dark dungeon of madness,danger, and adventure with some friends. 

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