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1d10 Random Lovecraftian Dream Princesses Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are royal personages out in the Dreamlands that seldom get mentioned, fragments of ancient goddesses whose power and rage were far to dangerous for rational minds to contemplate but none the less move across the collective unconsciousness of the dreaming realms waiting and watching for the moments to strike at our world. Adventurers might encounter these beings out on the edges of our fragile existences. Here is a random sample of these dangerous and deceptive ladies of royal aspects.
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“No death, no doom, no anguish can arouse the surpassing despair which flows from a loss of identity.

Through the Gates of the Silver Key” 

1d10 Random Lovecraftian Dream Princesses Encounter Table 

  1. A young lady of weird and strange aspect appearing to be about eighteen years of age appears at the edge of your vision. She is dressed in peasant garb but holds a small scepter like  rod but its her eyes that bother you. They are violet pools of ancient wisdom and despair. She is a sixth level witch and she bares a terrible burden but she asks your party's help with a quest to edge of the stars and Kadath. 
  2. This strangely familiar child of  ancient aspect greets each of your party by name. She knows not who she is but that she has a mission from beyond the Gates of the  Silver Key and you must join her mission. She is willing pay you in forbidden knowledge and violence as well as riches beyond measure. 
  3. This princess is actually the claw of one of the Great Old Ones inhabiting the body of a 4th level wizardress of incredible magical talent. She is hunting for adventurers to devour their souls. 
  4. This ancient princess looks about twenty and her skin is rich and tattooed with the signs and symbols of deep dreaming. She is searching for her successor and your party is destined to guard her in her en devour.
  5. This pricessess carries a magical sword called Deep Key and its a slayer of demons. She seeks your party out to help her recover a child of dream itself and only your party is mad enough to face down this ancient evil from beyond the ken of mankind. 
  6. This princess is broken and has become a vampire, she is being hunted by ghoul bounty hunters who wish to drag her back to the underworld. She wishes to employ the PC's to recover magic items. She is very desperate and dangerous.  6th level necromancer 
  7. This princess is seeking her twin soul from a wizard down in the Underworld and is willing to employ the PC's for the promise of 800 gold pieces each to go into the Underworld. She has keys to get you in and out. 
  8. This princess is actually the remains of an ancient goddess and she is willing to pay the PC's to go into the ancient prison where the mantle of immortality is kept. She wishes to gain her rightful place among the gods and knows it is just before an invasion of demons and other horrors. 
  9. This princess is looking to release the bonds that hold one of the ancient titans in place because he controls other ancient Lovecraftian forces. She wishes to use his power to bring about a golden age. 
  10. This princess is more then slightly mad after glimpsing the true face of Cthulhu in a dream. She is quite mad and controls a +2 blade called the bane of humanity. The blade is capable of slaying gods but she wishes to cut the soul of one of the PC's to revive the ancient flame of life for her god. She promises gold and riches. Evil and murder are her calling cards. 
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