Sunday, April 26, 2015

Free OSR Gonzo Adventure - The Rise and Fall of Zamzer For Your OD&D or Retroclone Style Campaigns

You can find a ton more information about the adventure and the adventure itself over at the Fire In The Jungle Blog HERE

So a couple of days ago, I came across a really gonzo old school adventure for an OD&D set up game. Its quick and short but sweet in what it does. This is a great little adventure if you want to introduce a party of adventurers to one another in a weird pulp setting with a prison break out and a whole bunch of old school elements that are simply awesome to use and work with if you go in for the gonzo element. Its simply a fun, free adventure with lots of little interesting elements to throw at your players. I love the fact that the adventure references an old exploitation Kung Fu classic called Burning Paradise In Hell. I loved the fact that the author referenced this movie because it was a poster that used to be in the background of the video store I worked in back the 90's in Boston on the weekends. The adventure is pretty solidly gonzo and its free, so I hoped you enjoy running it as much as I had a blast reading through it. 

A word of warning about Burning Paradise, this is a cult film of the highest caliber and a truly terrible film with some very weird elements to it. Its an acquired cult taste and consider yourself warned. I believe its out on a few venues for viewing and its rather obscure to begin with.
 According to the reviews -  "Lam gives the story a new twist by envisaging the temple as a kind of Quake-type fortress complete with bottomless pits, traps, poison gases and other nasties that await the two fighters who are assigned to free the monks." You can find out more right over HERE

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