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Warlords of The Outer Worlds Campaign A Pulp Heroic Timeline For The Fantastic Heroes and Witchery Rpg

  By 2889 humanity has spread itself across the stars, space travel has become a regular occurrence but mankind as we know it has fragmented into a variety of weird and dark fantasy races. Earth as we know it has become a homogeny  of warring city states under the thumb of alien invaders from beyond. The free worlds beyond Mars have become a new no man's land of interstellar action and adventure.

Warlords of The Outer Worlds
Campaign A Pulp Heroic Timeline

  • 2889 - The Age Of The Warlords Of The Outer Worlds 
  • 2300 to 2500 the Ages of Super Science and Sorcery, The Piercing of the Dimensional Veils, Invasions From Outside, Mythos Wars end and some time travel exploitation of alternative worlds happens. 
  • 2200 - 2300 The Ages of Adaption - The commonplace exploitation of the genetic heritage of mankind to adapt  to other worlds and planets, the creation of artificial world for industry, entertainment, and exploitation of interstellar colonies. First use of pseudo matter in commercial applications. 
  • 2100 The Golden Age of Space Exploration - FTL and Hyperspace drives created. Orc/half orc tribal domination of certain regions of space after first contact goes array. 
  • 2000 -  The Finding of Planet 'X' & the finding of the remains of a stellar empire. The first secrets of the faster then light drive systems are exploited but poorly understood. 
  • 1990's - Higher technological levels flourish after several aborted alien invasions attempts. 
  • 1980's - The post colonial period for our solar system colonies 
  • 1970's Exploitation of the local Sol solar system after mass extinction of native tribal species. 
  • 1960's Golden age of Sol solar system exploitation of mankind 
  • 1950's Military age of Exploitation of our Solar system 
  • 1940's WWII with alien influence on both the Axis and Allies, evidence of dying alien solar empires. 
  • 1930's Pulp era heroes and contact with Dark Forces outside local space/time and the shutting of dimensional doorways that will open back up in the 25th century. 
  • 1920's The final fate of Mars and its empires under the banners of the Warlords. 
  • 1900's WWI and the 'Heroes of Mars', an attempt by the Martians to revitalize their dying world which ultimately dooms them. Mankind will later take on the genetic structure of the Martians and become the new Martians 
  • 1700- 1800's The Age of Heroes - A number of heroes from Earth migrate out into the Solar system to revitalize the dying alien civilizations by ancient alien god life forces and ready mankind to take their place among the stars. 
  •  Sporadic contact with local alien gods and life forces over the centuries create isolated mythical heroes and 
  Pretty much all of the races, PC classes and options are on the table for this campaign,the inspiration for this campaign has been the characters and races of Planet Comics especially the comic book pulp character Auro Lord of Jupiter more on him right HERE

  Auro is a combination of  all of the nice parts of Tarzan and Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars.  Auro is a perfect example of an FH&W PC class of  the Wild Brute from page .59 of the rule book.  The fact is that there are a number of artificial worlds and moons floating around Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, & Pluto. 

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