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1d10 Random Wasteland Outposts & Villages Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are always little places along the trails of the wastelands, strange out of the way places where the weirdness of the wastelands can show itself to adventurers. These include some ancient towns, villages, and places along the old trails of the roads and byways of the wastelands. These way stations in the wastelands are twisted and burnt offerings that can include bits and pieces of adventure waiting to happen to your adventurers. 

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1d10 Random Wasteland Outposts
 & Villages Encounter Table 

  1. This wasteland village has been built upon the ruins of an old weapons cache and the inhabitants keep alive the tradition through ritual rites,dances, and religious practices. By observing these there a 10% chance that your adventurers might find some vital clue as to how a relic artifact or system works. Escaping after taking provisions on is another matter as 1d8 2nd level fighters attacks your party at night. 
  2. This is a great place to get food,water,and other provisions for the long trek into the wastes but there is a village wise man who is a former wizard here. He is purple and mutated beyond reason but he offers healing and sage advice to adventurers. Every member of the village is actually a brain cell of the mass mind of the creature and there is a 30% chance that by eating the sundries the village sells you might become one too. 
  3. This outpost is actually built upon the religion of the Eighties arcade model and they have power for their vintage machines. They believe each person has three lives and the quarters of the gods determine the pattern of your enfolding path along the corridor of life. Watch out for the ghosts and demons of the wastes. They sell the power pills of sacrament and the weapons of war for a donation to keep the place running. They also sell the music as well,that God awful music that bores into your soul. 
  4. This outpost is run by an A.I. and his human and cyborg followers who believe in the gods of the repairmen. They trade parts, relics,etc for food and water. They will also equip certain individuals with cybernetic systems to attain greater perfect for a massive fee.A group of immortal aliens plays an odd game in the center of the outpost and souls are wagered.  
  5. This village is built around the massive but empty nuke missile silo and they prey for the return of their missile messiah and glorious dissolution into the perfection of vapor. They have some of the best relics but you've got to listen to incredibly boring technical manuals read as sermons.10% chance of them having some weird minor relic or part your looking for. The food and water is alright despite the talk of glorious mutation or is it? 
  6. This outpost of ruined and massive mecha is a haven for wasteland druids and born again Earthers. The place stocks some of the best herbal,medical, and healing relic this side of the wastes but there is a fortune in robotic and mechanical parts going to rust but take one part; & hordes of 3rd level fighters will attack you with laser and ray guns. They also have bounty hunters to track violators of their 'peaceful religion' through the wastes. 
  7. This village is the sight of a magical gate way to an idyllic fantasy world and seems like paradise where fairy and elves deal in food,water, etc. Actually this is a gateway to a realm of Fey slavers who will try to magically trap the PC's into servitude for ever and ever.They leech off power and the souls of their victims.  
  8. This outpost is the site for a real magical portal and deals in magic and relics, they fear any robot or android for some reason. There are 1d8 blue gold tattooed enforcers who will track and kill any robots they come across. 6th level fighters with 1d9 mental mutations. However they will trade books,relics,etc for food and water given the right adventurers. 
  9. This village is inhabited by psycho killers and cannibals who can be dealt with through song and dance.They love bards and music but if the music stops then all bets are off. Even trade is through song. A god of essence and music is actually in possession of all of the cultists here. Food,water, provisions are all for show. They live off of the thing's life force. 
  10. This outpost resembles 1950's America complete with small town America and more. Actually these are all androids who escaped from a cruel overlord and can transform into others. They are available as hirelings and hide right in plain sight providing all of the simple provisions needed as they keep a watch for there former master who often passes them by not knowing where his valuable cybernetic relics disappeared to. They can offer advice and wasteland survival tips but in the form of sugary laden Americana laced glib 1950's dialogue( think old Happy Days or Laverne & Shirley Reruns here ).They don't know why. 


  1. Extremely cool. Only I would not know (as the GM) how to play a robot who speaks in "sugary laden Americana laced glib 1950's dialogue".

  2. Have you ever seen Happy Days or Laverne & Shirley reruns here Dominique.

  3. That will give you the right dialogue for these guys.


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