Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Beast From Below From My Warlords Of The Outer Worlds Campaign

The beasts from below are a supernaturally mutated variation of mankind that has become all too common as the other dimensional energies of the Beyond have infected Earth and its Outer World colonies. These horrors are actually the mutated forms of men who have been exposed to the Abyssal energies of the Beyond and become twisted by these dangerous other worldly energies. They must make pilgrimages to the half worlds that border the local space time continuum and the Beyond lest they expire from the lack of the strange radiations of the dread dimension. Warped by this exposure to the dangerous and horrid other worldly energies. The beasts from below are dangerous, unpredictable, and highly chaotic in nature. They may be found anywhere that a gateway to the Beyond exists. These horrors often hoard treasure and relics out of some weird and half understood instinct. These horrors often harbor half insane and psychotic revenge fantasies against perfectly innocent victims that the beasts perceive as having been wronged against in life. 

Frequency: Uncommon 
No Appearing: 1d4 
Armor Class: 4 
Move: 12" 
Hit Dice: 8 + 1-2 
% in lair: 40% must make frequent trips to their Beyond gateway homes to recharge their reserves of other dimensional energies 
Treasure Type :E (these mutated horrors frequently rob and hoard certain artifacts or treasures). 
Number of Attacks: 3 
Damage: 2-16 
Special Attacks: By weapon or mutation 
Special Defenses: See Below 
Magic Resistance: Standard 
Intelligence: Low but very cunning 
Alignment: Chaotic Evil 
Size : L (13 foot tall) 
Psionic Ability: Nil 
Attack/Defense modes: Nil 

The Beasts from below are an all too common type of giant mutate that frequently is created when ordinary men are exposed to the Abyssal energies of Beyond gateways. These mad and deranged mutated bastards  guard the dimensional gateways to the Beyond super natural realms. These horrors are mad, bad, and completely insane. Able to inflict bone crushing blows and bare five incredible clawed  hands with claws capable dealing out incredible blows. They are so quick that they have been known to attack three times per round. The thick skin of the beast from below are immune to many mundane weapons and only magical +1 weapons or better weapons will penetrate these mad horror's skin. Once per day these horrors must rest within the confines of  fifty feat near the  Beyond gateway to maintain the hold of the weird other dimensional energies and radiations that bathes the sites of these horrors. The beasts from below are cannibals and dangerous raving beasts who prey on local villages and communities. These horrors often speak orgre and giant languages but have a language all their own. These monsters are evil, unpredictable mutated bastards who often sport 1d6 random mutations. Should they fail to return to their Beyond dimensional gateways they will parish within 1d4 months when the Abyssal energies stop coursing through their bodies.
The Beast From Below originally appeared in Blue Bolt Weird Tales of Terror #112

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