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1d10 Random ''Blessings' & Mutations Of The Ancient Kings Table For Your Science Fantasy Campaigns

They are the ancient alien kings who ruled the solar system before the coming of mankind, they're names are legion and as mankind reached his hand to the Outer Worlds past Neptune, he found evidence of their passing. The shattered remains of a once mighty empire gone to dust among the howling winds of these weird alien worlds were found by mankind. But man has always been the great adapter took on the only remaining thing of these strange peoples, he adopted their genetic heritage. From mysterious blue and green pyramids of semi divine metals the great 'blessings' of these ancient kings are imbued upon new agents who follow in the wake of this fallen kingdom of alien kings. But are their blessings for good or evil? Only time will tell. 
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The ancient violet liquids and divine potions from the distilled royal bodies flow into new inheritors of ancient wisdom but will this be your PC's? Weird impulses, strange thoughts, and event speculation of the whispers of alien souls are heard in the halls of certain places. Here then are 1d10 random mutations that may only be passed by the blessings of the mysterious Violet Monks of The Ancient Kings. For a small tithe of several thousand gold pieces these blessings might also be yours.

1d10 Random ''Blessings' & Mutations
Of The Ancient Kings Table  

  1. Voices in The Night - The gifted can sense life and mysterious energies with a twenty foot radius, strange and mysterious whispers echo through his mind telling him some details such as the type of radiation or life that is present. There is a 20% chance that if magic has been cast that the gifted will know what type of spell or rite has been done and how long ago. The imubed will have strange antenna like growths from their heads when they receive this blessing. 
  2. The Strength of Alien Ages - The gifted adds three or four inches of height to their frame and gains + 3 to their strength, a ruddy sheen spreads across their skin and they add +3 to their Constitution. But they become less emotional and far more distant from their fellow men. 
  3. The Coming and Going of Kings - The gifted can see and smell the dimensional trails of travelers. Dimensional gates and portals cause the PC's eyes to glow and a trail of energy marks any dimensional gates that are within a 40 yard radius of the PC. They can follow such trails as blood hounds. 
  4. Makers Strength and Rage - The PC's fists glow with the light and fury of dead alien demon haunted stars and the PC gains +4 on all hand to hand attacks. But the energies linger after such attacks causing all within 30 feet of the gifted to make a radiation check as the alien radiations leech from the fool's hands attacking all. The gifted is immune to his own alien emanations.
  5. Gills of The Gifted Ones - The PC is able within 1d4 rounds to adapt to any atmosphere as his body's army of nano gilled processors cope and straighten the soul's frame to the planetary conditions. Those who receive this 'blessing' are a - 4 Charisma. The nano gill structures are quite evident and ugly to most eyes.  
  6. Eyes of the Void - The blessed one gains eyes and brain apparatus capable of seeing into the voids of space and time. The fool may gaze up to 1d8 light years away. They're eyes are black alien pulsing things making the blessed -5 on Charisma and they must be protected with specially made eye wear available through the Violet Monks for 6000 gold pieces per pair. 
  7. Understanding Of The Kings - The fool erm gifted is able to understand any alien pieces of technology as the biological computer structures within their minds spins through billions of computations as to the understand of such alien devices. The gifted one gains bright blue and green pulsing veins upon their fore heads and +5 to their wisdom scores. There are those who whisper of the alien understand and weird aura about such individuals however. 
  8. Crimson Bands of the Old Kings - The flesh of the gifted is crisscrossed with strange coloured bands of crimson and red. This is actually an alien thing that feeds and nurtures its host disabling the need for sleep or food. The blessed no longer requires these and will vomit forth food. The blessed now only goes into a fifteen minute rest period. These bands allow the blessed to recover and heal 1d8 points of damage but each time this is used another bit of the fool's humanity withers away and they will receive some minor alien feature. - 1 on their Charisma attribute. 
  9. Countenance of the Kings - The gifted gains infravision and his face warps into an alien form, taste and hearing become close to an elf's and he is able to hear colors. The fool takes on a semi demonic countenance and is able to sense the relics and works of the Ancient kings within a 30 foot radius of him. Further all robotic and cybernetic servants of the Ancient Kings will function for this being. The blessed will also gain the eight fingers of the kings as well gaining +2 on Dexterity. -4 on charisma with humans and near human races however as the ancestral memories of these beings brings hatred and disgust at a genetic level across the centuries. 
  10. Robes Of The King - The gifted becomes an ancient king in form and deed, he gains 1d4 mutations from this list and another five minor mutations from the appropriate matrices. The Ancient Kings will call to their brother from across the stars and enlist his help in their fight against Chaos itself. They may 10% ask the fool to return to the mortal plane after suitable training and seek out their works across the alien stars. The PC may be spoon fed missions by his mysterious benefactors and rope in their comrades into these adventures.
  •  Note that this list of mutations is from my Warlords of the Outer worlds campaign & PC's will not be receiving these benefits right away or at all depending upon adventures and missions. 

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