Saturday, April 4, 2015

Free OSR Adventure Resource - Temple of The Ghoul By H.John Martin From Rendered Press For Your Old School Campaigns

   If I've got a favorite older by Rendered  module its Temple of The Ghoul which I've run numerous times for Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. This module has many of the classic sword and sorcery elements ported over to an AD&D 1st edition venue. The set up is classic retro D&D plot line with a great little element of adventure and weirdness thrown into the mix. Specifically made for OSRIC but this old school adventure is easily convertible right over to your favorite edition or retroclone rpg system.  
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The plot line is classic old school module :
Something has been pillaging farms and leaving no living thing behind. Merchants have disappeared on the roads and the Tinker now refuses to make his circuit. All of this trouble started when a party of adventurers went to investigate the old temple on the hill. Five adventurers went up the hill to Lilanora’s temple and never returned. Who will follow those foolhardy five and discover what danger lies beneath the temple ruins?

This is a solid thirteen page adventure for an evening's entertainment with your players. The adventure has a nice sword and sorcery ring to it. And it perfect for a group of both new and experienced PC's. This module is perfect as a mid point adventure for a party or as a jump off point for a campaign. The elements here are understated and work on at least two levels. The maps are solidly done and the fact that this one picks up from an older adventuring party. It  makes me think of some of the early AD&D modules where the PC's are picking up the pieces and trying to move real world elements in the campaign along. 
Because this module is an OSRIC product its easily adaptable to a sword and sorcery game of Advanced Labyrinth Lord or for something really different this module can be ported over to a post apocalyptic venue such as Mutant Future's Mutants And Mazes lens with Advanced Labyrinth Lord companion tacked onto the hide of its background.  The plot can easily fit into the post apocalyptic wastelands of your favorite old school system and even though its got a sword & sorcery. The gritty Lovecraftian mystical elements easily lend themselves to a Realms of Crawling Chaos Mutant Future game as well. With some conversion  work this module could be even used as part of an introduction game of Lamentations of the Flame Princess with little issue. 

There's a feel of an old Marvel 1970's Conan or swap meet sword and sorcery novel, there's classic adventure elements at play here. So this makes Temple of The Ghoul a natural for me as a conversion for a nice evening's entertainment with Astonishing Swordmen and Sorcerer of Hyperborea. 
All in all this adventure hits a ton of high marks for me. The weird monster at the adventure's core. The old school feel of its play. And the fact that it can be used with a wide variety of retroclone systems makes Temple of the Ghoul a module well worth downloading and playing for that matter. 


  1. I have this one and I really like it. Haven't used it yet but it's been lurking in the hexes of some world maps my players have explored.

    Only a matter of time...

  2. Yeah this is an old favorite of mine, I've been going over material for an upcoming campaign. There's more free resources coming up Fractal, thanks for the comments my friend. And its always a matter of time..

  3. I had not seen this one. thanks for the heads up I will be inflicting this on the players soon.

  4. Glad you can use this David, be sure to let me know how it goes pal. Thanks for the comment David as well. Cheers pal.

  5. Hey Angry Monk glad you enjoyed it and I've got more coming up soon. Cheers! Thanks for the comment pal!


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