Thursday, April 23, 2015

1d10 Warlords Of The Outer Worlds Asteroid Belt Random Encounter Table For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign

Because this is an age of piracy the asteroid belt has become a sort refuge for those desperate adventurers  and outlaws that hide among the debris and refuge from a thousand star systems who cleave to the traditions of  the lost preholocaust colony worlds. Here is a handy chart that logs some of the more common encounter in the inner worlds. Here are a few examples of some the strange and weird encounters adventurers can cross paths with. 

1d10 Warlords Of The Outer Worlds
Asteroid Belt Random Encounter Table
  1. A third level alien sorcerer is stirring up trouble with the native population and has a group of witchling space pirates at his disposal. There are a number of trigger happy 3rd level fighters wait for trouble to start. 
  2. A minor cult of Great Old One worshipers is threatening to hi jack a cargo vessel passing through the neighborhood. There four assassins about these folks who will kill to keep the cult's agenda secret. 
  3. A group of hidden warrior nuns has a hidden abbey among one of the larger asteroids. They will trade for food and supplies. They may deal harshly with strangers or be open to trade. 
  4. A dangerous patrol of Voltamen 3rd level fighters who are looking for trouble, these will be very interested in the PC's. 
  5. A cult of deep space worshipers who bask in the radiance of the stars. They are willing to trade secrets about certain spacers. 
  6. A group of space dwarves is mining a rich vein and they are looking to hire a group of adventuring mercenaries as guards and soldiers. 
  7. A gang of Drow space pirates wants to hire an adventurers to scout out likely targets. They are 2nd level warriors and are willing to use violence if adventurers don't hand over some of their take of treasure. 
  8. A band of dark tinker gnomes is trying activate an alien machine and are looking to hire adventurers to go on a quest for the parts for the former mecha that they've uncovered. 
  9. A giant star spawn of Cthulhu  has awakened because the stars once again right. The thing is wrecking havoc in the wake of a hero who has fallen. 
  10. A super science device has been stolen and the authorities need a covert team to steal the item back. The cult of  hell spawn warriors wants the device back from the undead alien zombies that have come to feed on the flesh of the living. There are several news holo shows following the trail of the super science device. 


  1. "Bask in the Radiance of the Stars" just jumped to the top if my To-do list for today

  2. I definitely would Eater of Kittens and make it a great one! More old school pulp goodness coming pal. Cheers!


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