Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pay What You Want OSR Adventure - The Dungeon of Crows 2 - Avatar of Yog Sutekhis For Your Old School Campaigns

Are you in need of a dungeon of epic proportions but one that will challenge your low level adventurers, the lair and background of the adventure might need a bit of work and heavy modification for use with a game such as Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. There are some heavily Lovecraftian elements of sword and sorcery fun that make this one a snap to use. But for a game such as AS&SH some liberties might need to be take to add in the elements of Hyperborea. In this case the goblins might need to be switched out for primitive humans or some such. Is this worth the trouble? In a word yes. Because this adventure has a epic mini dungeon feel to it with some classic OD&D such as the brigands and the monsters of the adventure location.

Grab It Right 

There are some solid elements to this adventure that border on the horrific and foulness of a Marvel 1970's sword and sorcery comic book with some seriously wonderful twisted pulp elements making this adventure a nice addition to a Realms of Crawling Chaos Labyrinth Lord adventure a snap. But this adventure is well balanced enough to add it to the pile of adventures that are suitable for a number of retroclone rpg systems. The Dungeon Of Crows reminded me of the 90's Thirteenth Warrior in some respects, not in subject matter or appearance at all but the over all feel.  I happen to love that film and there are certain horrific happenstances of settings and what not in both pieces. 
The same adhoc band of sword and sorcery style adventurers thrown into the deep end of circumstances could easily happen with Dungeon of Crows giving the party even more strangeness to deal with. But that being said on the whole Dungeon of Crows offers more of a challenge. 

The Dungeon of Crows has some solid Lovecraftian references throughout its central core that makes it have a Weird Tales style romp that makes me want to add it to AS&SH or another sword and sorcery style campaign. The monsters are solidly constructed and encounters balanced out for a party of mid level adventures. Because the maps and such have a home grown feel this adventure feels like it was constructed by a friend, giving it a home grown feeling of old school goodness. Throughout the adventure there are a number of elements that can be removed and added into your own games to branch off into Mythos style cults, more monsters of challenging Lovecraftian style horror and much more. For the Pay what You Want price you get a ton of bang for your buck. Throw the author a few shekels and lets see even more stuff come down the pike all in all this a pretty nice and solid module with a ton of old school goodness lurking in only sixteen pages. 


  1. Your welcome I've been making my way through some resources on my hard drive and your module was an exceptional one of those. Cheers Raven and more to come. Thanks.


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