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Review and Commentary On The Pay What Your Want OSR Resource 'Mead & Mayhem' For Your Old School Campaigns

Taverns are great places to begin adventures but they're also places that can get PC's into big trouble D-oom products has a new product called 'Mead and Mayhem' that adds in another layer of random rabble rousing to bring even more problems into your local watering hole of your adventurers and outlaws.

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Taverns and bars have always been a staple of old school gaming  one of the exciting things about the OSR is the number of optional products that fill a niche in the scene or more importantly at the table of old school gaming and here's where D-oom Products comes in with a great old school optional system for tavern brawls.

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Now this is a pay what you want product and it does what it does quite well, you can add this system into any old school OD&D style system. So this could go right into the background of say Lamentations of The Flame Princess, Labryth Lord, or even a Old  Western style game with little issue. This piece clocks in at nine pages of concisely condensed tables, complications, and bar room brawling fun just waiting to be unleashed on your players.

Grab It Right


John Wayne and Randolph Scott In 1942's 'The Spoilers'
has a great Western bar fight and is just the sort of place that that M&M was designed for. 

Bar room brawls and fights are never fun in real life and usually involve the cops and lots of drama. Take it from someone whose been in one or two. But damn they're great in the back drop of old school games and who hasn't used one in a science fiction or fantasy game as well. This product can easily be inserted right into the background of those styles of games as well. As long as they use an OD&D style base as the system your in like Flint. But let's face facts you may look at this product and say I want to use this for XYZ old school system. Well that shouldn't be that much of an issue here because with a bit of damage adjustment to your favorite systems this should simply be a question of drag and drop right into the background of your favorite old school system. But is this a worthy system for your attentions?  Well, let's face it, working with tavern or bar room brawls can be a pain in the arse for the DM and having another optional system to move the process of the cinematic fights along is in my opinion quite welcome. Does this do some interesting and original things as well? Yes and no, yes there are quite a few interesting twists on old tried and true tropes but does it do those things well? Yes it does. But no its not a pain to run through a game. In point of fact this system can even be easily adapted to even a post apocalyptic setting or a space opera as easily as a  1920's speak easy in the middle of mobster infested crime city U.S.A. So all in all this is a good low cost but high quality optional system to add into your OD&D or D&D retroclone systems. In the coming weeks I'll be using this system and let you know how it goes. 

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