Tuesday, April 28, 2015

1d10 Random Gonzo Adventurers From Across The Dimensions Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are always those chance encounters with with wanderers, travelers, and outlaws that parties might run across. Souls of incredible daring and resourcefulness but also great evil as well. Here then is a list of NPC's who might cause a bit of havoc in the lives of your adventurers. Many of these might be dimensional travelers or dangerous outlaws of the dimensional tracks. 

1d10 Random Adventurers From Across The Dimensions Encounter Table

  1. A gang of cut throats from a post apocalyptic time line looking for victims to rob and steal from. These 2nd level fighters are mix of human and mutants armed with black powder weapons and using a flying steam powdered gnome contraption. The thing stinks and wheezes as it lurches through the sky. They demand any treasure or relics the party might have. 
  2. A party of 1d6 tieflings who are lead by a 8th level wizard with blue skin and horns. The elaborately black armored attired warriors are looking for an innocent soul to take with them back to their patron demon lord. They have a bag of weird and cursed silver with them. 
  3. A lone 4th level cleric with a strange blue green worm like parasite god growing from his back. The worm is actually a 6th level alien wizard who is looking for a dozen souls to bargain with his Outer God patron.  The cleric is armed with a mace of stunning. 
  4. A gang of 4th level  cultists from a dying world  looking to grab some slaves for a wizard into organ legging. They are armed with sleep spells and web spells as well as heavy stunners. They have a gate system control to open a dimensional portal. 
  5. A gang of wizards looking for sacrifices for their inhuman demon god, the are from the same cabal and are assisted by a group of 1d4 pig faced orcs armed with short swords, maces, and round shields. 
  6. Ancient aliens looking for victims to add to a bizarre medical experiment there are 1d8 of these mad bastards armed with lasers, personal force shields, and hover boards. 
  7. 1d8 androids from a dying world looking for converts for their horrid A.I. master programs. The victims will be converted into brain harvested cybernetic horrors serving their god thing's bizarre needs. 
  8. 1d10 mini flying saucers with miniature pilots within them, capable of doing 3d6 points of damage. These horrors are looking to round up some humans and near humans for some quick credits on the slave auction blocks. 
  9. A recruitment team of 1d8 cultists for the Church of Starry Wisdom looking for converts for the local Saturday night fish fry for Dagon. Moving on bizarre flying hybrid demonic fish things that move through the air. They will teleport back across the dimensional borderland when they have their quota
  10. A team of strangely attired men in black armed with blaster rifles and stun grenades are looking to capture specimens for their alien zoo. Your PC's look right up their alley. They have a small remote control to change reality. 

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