Wednesday, April 15, 2015

1d10 Warlords Of The Outer Worlds Random Campaign Encounter Table For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

Jupiter and the Outer Worlds exchange trade and star ship traffic but this is an age of high adventure and piracy. Alien invaders occupy Earth and Mars has become a wasteland war zone. Space Piracy is common and some of the dangers of the space lanes happen as random encounters. Here are a few examples that adventurers can run into.
1d10 Warlords Of The Outer Worlds
Random Campaign Encounter Table
  1. 1d6 Hellspawn warriors 2nd level space pirates armed with laser pistols attempt to hijack your star ship. They are looking to take slaves for the Drow markets and you look as if you'll fetch a good price. 
  2. A strange wreck flying between the stars, this alien vessel is home to 1d8 flying parasites slowly broadcasts a strange signal to other incoming ships. There is a 30% chance of ancient super science relics being on board. 
  3. A giant floating head of some ancient mechanical god thing, it is inhabited by weird space gnome illusionists who wish to trade stories and knowledge for gold & star charts. 
  4. A tribe of space going half orc traders looking to unload a small treasure of alien relics with an ancient demon hot on their trail. There are 1d10 minor relics of some ancient alien house and among them is a cursed spell book. 
  5. A band of half cursed witchling sorcerers who are looking for a cure for their space plague stricken village. They are willing to trade arcane knowledge for possible medical relics. 
  6. A clutch of 1d10 space going dragons who are willing to trade certain artifacts for a treasure map to the greater Asteroids between Jupiter and Mars. There is a 10% chance of a turn coat among them who will attack the PC's 
  7. A Brain lasher colony ship looking for slaves and victims for their cryo pods. A clutch of 1d10 warriors armed with heavy stunners will attack any ship that they run across. 
  8. A flying saucer with a crew of dangerous alien wights and undead aboard. 
  9. A small ancient cargo ship with dangerous vampire lords on board looking for victims while sleeping in stasis on board. They have a Type G load of treasure aboard. 
  10. A pirate ship armed to the teeth with very desperate criminals each of these space pirates are a mix of level 2 and 3 fighters respectively. They will kidnap and ransom any one they come across. These mad bastards have a minor treasure map as well and 1d4 minor relics and such. 

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