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1d10 Random Unusual Things Encountered Out In The Wastelands Table For Your Old School Campaign

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   There are unusual finds and things that adventurers run into in the wastelands, things that sometimes defy ordinary explanations and the like here's a quick random encounter table to add a bit of high weirdness and strangeness to your old school campaigns. Some of these might be exceptionally dangerous to encounter for your party of old school adventurers.File:Mitsubishi G4M wreck Planes of Fame.JPG

1d10 Random Unusual Things
 Encountered Out In The Wastelands Table

  1. The still smoking wreckage of some large and dangerous flying machine, the wings are crushed beyond repair. Already a pack of 1d8 ghouls have moved in to take advantage and feed on the bodies. There is a 60% chance of some spare fuel pod exploding for 3d6 points of damage and a 10% chance of finding type C treasure within it. 
  2. A very large and unusual wizard's war machine that has been wrecked. The thing crackles and spits strange fires from itself. There is a 20% that for each round spent in its presence a cloud of strange radioactive gases will be released causing those exposed to make a save vs death save or take a random mutation check. There is a 5% chance of running into some dangerous and random mutant warrior armed with an energy weapon and short sword who will attack anything he runs into. He's got a bag of Type F treasure in a bag on his waist. 
  3. A downed flying saucer with a cock pit full of alien dead and dying. They're not all dead though, there 1d6 alien wights within the craft and are looking to eat anything they run into. Type F treasure within the cargo hold. 
  4. A large flying machine of epic proportions has crashed in the wastes aboard are 1d8 intelligent zombies ready to tear anyone who comes aboard apart. The zombies are hungry but very intelligent and dangerous able to use weapons and are guarding a strange glowing meteor as their most precious cargo. There 1d4 random fire arms scattered around and a half eaten adventurer aboard with a working laser pistol with 1d6 charges. 
  5. Ancient cosmic dimensional diving bell capable of crossing the threshold of four dimensions at a clip but now crashed in this one. There are 1d8 ghostly warriors surrounding the thing and a pile of rot grubs within it. An ancient golden bar powers the thing worth a cool 30000 gold pieces. An ancient demon has a pact on this item of power. 
  6. A crashed 1920's car sunk partially in the wasteland sands. Within it are the preserved remains of an exceptionally deadly group of 1d8 undead mobsters who fight as 2nd level fighters armed with 1d6 guns. They are looking for some saps to feed on. They have a take of type F treasure but will kill anyone who even looks at it wrong. These horrors are nervous, dangerous, and hopped up on pickled monkey brains as well as goof balls. 
  7. A land locked cruise ship's remains loaded with the damned, there are 1d8 minor demons and demon spawn on board who are holding these folks captive. There is type G treasure in the hold of this place and vile villains who guard it. A gang of 1d20 ghosts hang around each area. 
  8. An abandoned wizard's tower from another dimension is home to a gang of 1d8 3rd level fighter warrior ghouls. They seek the flesh of the living. A treasure chest of minor relics lays in the basement. 
  9. A coven of demon worshipers hides within the confines of this once great haunted house ride. There are three minor demon lords who guard the coven and a treasure from past victims. These weirdos have 1d8 energy weapons and minor relics among them and 3 wizards of moderate level. 
  10. The wreckage of a minor space station watches over a group of dangerous alien mutants who are armed to the teeth and have 1d6 minor mutations each. They guard the relics and remains of the station and an FTL drive worth thousands of gold pieces to a group of super scientists.
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  1. Is the aircraft in #4 a Ju Ju 87, zombie Stuka, by any chance? Sorry, couldn't resist at this time of day.

  2. The entry Rod has been changed and is now a homage to one of my all time favorite movies. Three guesses which one. Cheers!

  3. Flight of the Phoenix - Jimmy Stewart or Dennis Quaid? Prefer Jimmy myself. The book was even grittier. Sometime, I need to work ghoulie chits , promising treasure to the natives if they don't kill you and eat you, into a campaign.

  4. Jimmy Stewart is my preferred and the book was a blast of gritty starkness. I've used it several times in the past and it worked out quite well. Nice spot btw. Cheers Rod.


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