Saturday, April 18, 2015

1d10 Random Cave Men Mutations Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Cavemen are found in every strain of D&D and retroclone game systems,they're one of my all time favorite races to use including post apocalyptic wasteland games. Recently a friend expressed the fact that their aren't enough mutations available for these flexible and highly adaptable near human beings. So here's a quick random table of cave men mutations for your old school campaigns.

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1d10 Random Cave Men Mutations Table

  1. Shamanistic sight - This mutation of the optic nerves enables the gifted to look into nearby dimensions and see the spirits of the world around him. Hidden mystical energies and portals are visible to the owner. Magickal items have a strange aura about them and might cause pain to the 'gifted' who has this mutation. 
  2. Extra hard claws - The owner of this genetic gift gains +3 on all hand to hand attacks as these weird bone like growths extend from the owner's fingers. 
  3. The Extended Mind - The gifted gains +2 on his intelligence skill and has a knack for survival as well as mechanical devices. 
  4. Feel The Prey - The gifted has an affinity for prey animals and is able to track his quarry psionically over vast distances of over a thousand miles or more.  A wisdom roll is required for ever 40 miles or more. 
  5. Sense  of Magic - The gifted is able to feel and be affected by magic energies, they're senses burn with the energies of magic. They may sense any casting or rites using magic within a four mile radius of them. Those with this ability get nose bleeds when near places of strong magic. Often this will be of weird substances or strange liquids. These being can sense and hate the demonic though as it causes physical pain to the gifted. 
  6. He Who Crosses - Once per day the gifted may blink as a blink dog but there is a 30% of teleporting an extra 1d4 miles randomly when this ability is used. The gifted can automatically sense the direction of friends and family should this occur. They must walk back to these people. They can't teleport back to them. 
  7. Wandering Insanity - The gifted has dangerous or insane visions from the Outer Darkness. Once per day these sanity shattering visions can be projected at a target within line of sight. A save must be made or the target will be stunned as these mind bending visions of high weirdness run through their minds raping the victim's sense of sanity. 
  8. The Horror - The  gifted vomits forth living flies, bees, or other alien insects once per day towards the target. These horrors attack as per an insect swarm spell. These alien things are from a micro dimensional gate within the gift's gullet.  -3 charisma as these horrors move and swim under the fool's skin and organs. 
  9. Talk with the ancestors - Once per day the gifted gets cryptic visions from his ancestors in matters of hunting, survival, and other important matters. The gifted is also the target for ghosts and others who have passed on. Undead may catch this poor sap's scent and think him delicious. 
  10. Trails of The Unknown - This gifted is able to find, track, and move across nearby dimensions to nearby alternative worlds. There is a 20% chance per day of bringing 1d4 people with him. This activity causes a 1/2 point of damage per person. The ability can only be used once per day.

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