Saturday, April 11, 2015

Free OSR Resources - Free Jewels & Free Gems From Faster Monkey Games For Your Old School Campaigns

There are some resources that as a DM you turn to again & again, Free Jewels is a nice little compact bit of old school material that is a nice little addition to a DM's toolbox. Free Jewels has a nice progressive treasure climb that makes it a snap to use during actual play, not simply another retroclone reference piece but an actual piece of adventure creation kit. Free Jewels is a great little piece of design and editing slight of hand that is oh so useful for so many little inserts into an old school adventures. Faster Monkey games is a great little company with some damn useful products. 

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Clocking in at only two pages this product basically is designed to add a bit more zing to the plunder of your adventurer's take.  As with all things, this product presents the DM with a number of options that can be used to add a special something to your lettered treasure table. A fairly even and well done table product, Free Jewels is in many ways a great little product to add to your toolbox.  Grab this one and add to it The Free Gems resource  for even more treasure laden goodness. 
Once again this product is scaled from the one gold piece all the way to the the "Dwarvenstone" and with pieces with everything in between.

Grab it right over

This piece has the same quality that we've come to expect from Faster Monkey Games and is easily snuck into the background of any old school style game where gems of treasure and legend are used as part of an old school adventure's take for adventurers. All in all an easy and ulitmately useful product that was generated using the All the Treasures of the World: JEWELS as guide lines for the design basis for this free gem product. You can find that right over HERE

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