Friday, April 3, 2015

The Mechanical Monsters For Your Old School Campaigns

 The mechanical menaces are robotic monsters from a lost age, industrial robots that have been used numerous times over the centuries for nefarious purposes by wizards, vile villains,and mad scientists for ages. 


   Seen numerous times across the planes the 'Mechanical Monsters' are ten to twelve foot tall robotic drones with  very limited A.I. capabilities and mostly used as remote controlled drone workers by the ancient empires of both Lemuria and Atlantis. These workers were used in numerous applications and in a wide variety of fields across the dimensions. These robots were made from dense but cheap nano constructed alloys and systems. They were cheap to produce, easy to deploy, set to work where humans could not and made to last the ages. So numerous  & well built were these monsters that many wizards and mad scientist still use these monsters of super science when they find them. 


Frequency: Rare 
Number appearing: 1d6 
Armor Class: 3 
Move: 9"
Hit Dice: 40
% In Lair: 20% 
Number of Attacks: 4-40
Damage: 1D8 (X4)
Special Attacks: Flame Thrower 3d6 twenty foot cone 
Special Defenses: See Below 
Magic Resistence: See Below 
Intelligence: Semi 
Alignment: Neutral 
Size: L (12" tall) 
Psionic Ability: Nil
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

The mechanical menaces as their referred to in ancient texts are very resistant to extremes in temperature, heat, light, etc. They were used in many labor intensive and industrial capacities during the ancient days of the lost empires of Atlantis and Lemuria
They possess the strength of  cloud giants, and the ability to fly with class B flight capacities,these monsters can easily hold the equivalent of half a ton of weight inside their locked cargo compartments in their backs.

Found in work groups of thirty or sometimes more, these robotic workers of eternity are controlled by a sub etheric carrier wave that has a 5,000 mile range but is usually set for the more conservative 300 mile radius or more range of service. The control signals are not easily jammed and the limited functionality of the robot's programming will take over should they become over ridden. These monsters are immune to all mind affecting spells including Illusions, Sleep,Charm, etc.  These relentless mechanical menaces are able to shoot out a jet of flame five times per day for 3d6 points of damage 20 feet as a small cone of flame. This system was part of the industrial wielding capacity of the robot for mining, salvage, and other industrial applications. Now all to often these capacities are used for evil purposes by wizards and other villains. 

   The mechanical menaces are resistant to all kinds of temperature extremes and even to the attentions of such horrors as rust monsters to whom the combination of esoteric alloys and super science make them bad tasting. They take little to no damage to flame, acid, and even quarter damage to electricity. They are resistant to most conventional small arms fire as well. Enchanted weapons, energy projectors, ray guns, and other relic technologies do full damage to these tireless menaces from another age.
These mechanical menaces count as the creations of Law and Order, as they are often found guarding(working in)  ancient industrial facilities, crypts, temples, and other vaults of super science. Because of the numerous production of these models of robotic menace they may be found anywhere from the post apocalyptic wastelands to the strong holds of super science in the employ of various nefarious characters.

Note that the mechanical menaces are public domain and from the  Fleischer Studios Super Man short the Mechanical Menaces. They have inspired numerous robots  appearances in other cartoons, science fiction movies, etc. There is no copyright or trademark violation intended at all towards Paramount Pictures or the copyright & trademark of Superman at all. This Mechanical Menace is for educational and entertainment purposes only as well as the deaths of PC's. 

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