Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Two Free OSR Adventure Resources - The Black Tower Adventure And Towns of the Outlands For Your Old School Campaigns

The Black Tower adventure module is a great free system neutral old school adventure and clocks in at forty nine pages of pure awesome adventure that can be used with any old school system. I can see using this adventure with Labyrinth Lord, AD&D 1st Edition, OSRIC, etc.

The downloads are under the heading of 'free stuff' on the website. 

The adventure module is right under the heading of Free Stuff but that's not all 'Towns of The Outlands'. Midkemia Press did the City of Carse from way back in the early 80's. Tonight I stumbled upon the Midkemia press website and found out that they were still going!

Black Tower Cover
According to the Midkemia Press website is another  free download which features Towns of the Outlands pdf . TOWNS OF THE OUTLANDS is a collection of six fully populated, predominantly human habitations designed to be compatible with any of the currently available fantasy role playing games. With some modification, they are compatible with science-fiction games and modern military role playing in games.
Towns of the Outlands Cover
Now believe it or not I can actually see not only using these adventure resources in not only a retroclone system like OSRIC, Advanced Labyrinth Lord, Arduin, AD&D 1st Edition, and many other old school rpg systems. But I can see easily adapting these resources to more pulp swords and sorcery adventures like Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea or pulp sword and sorcery style games. 
The truth is that these free resources while well written could easily be adapted to any old school post apocalyptic style campaign such as Mutant Future or even Mutant Epoch. Its really nice to stumble upon these old school campaign resources. 


  1. You can also buy Midkemia's Cities supplement. I bought it years ago when I started playing D&D, but they still offer a pdf of the supplement (which I also purchased). I strongly advise people to pick it up. It is a wealth of tables and more that would make running a sandbox adventure in a city fun and easy.

  2. The other Midkemia products are good as well: Tulan of the Isles, Jonril, and The Sunken Lands. I'm planning a campaign in the Sunken Lands someday.

  3. Angry Monk - I've had Midkemia Press products years ago, and I think they're a great source that can be mined for a wide variety of old school applications but the thing with all of these products is to not get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of material that they present to a DM. As always the fun factor up front with any of these. Thanks for the great comment and more coming up.

  4. Your welcome to Gordon Cooper! More coming up pal!

  5. I had a whole bunch of Midkemia Press products once upon a time. But an apartment fire took my copies of Tulan of the Isles, Jonril, and The Sunken Lands. The Sunken Lands have always been an old favorite of mine Brett and I would love to get back into designing a campaign there. But there are only hours in a day, sigh someday pal.


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