Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Bit Of Terror Tuesday: The Free Mutant Monster Tyrannosapien: Creatures of the Apocalypse 11 From Outland Arts For Your Old School Campaigns


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  I really don't give enough love to Mutant Epoch, they've come up with another nasty to throw out into the wastelands. This time we've got a product of genetic tempering give form and function as a carnivore of incredibly dangerous aspect. These are monsters for an experienced party of adventurers easily taking on a party of four or five quite easily. The lethal aspects of these horrors is easy to explain, this is an apex predator plain and simple. The mix of weirdness here is a horror that moves across the landscape as one would expect, deadly and with one purpose to kill adventurers or anyone else who get's in the monster's way. And they seem to be very,very, good at doing exactly that taking down prey and ripping the face off of anyone who gets in their way.
      The mutant menace from the bowels of the imagination of Outland Arts is grotesque, dangerous, and completely something original as any PC's running into this horror from the vats are going to have a hell of a hard time dealing with its wicked claws, horrid bite, and much more.  This pdf clocks in at eleven pages and there are even more options on the table for the Mutant Epoch rpg. This product isn't any different with a wide variety of options are laid out before the DM. This is one thing that you get with this beast a wide variety of killer options.  This  including a d20 random mutation list and a d100 treasure table for discoveries at one of the beast’s feeding sites. Believe me, they have the beast's entire ecology, feeding habits,etc. all laid out in gloriously nasty details and it really adds to the product. This isn't a beast that your PC's are going to want to run into at all. This one should be used with extreme caution and don't think that the Tyrannosapien is any way, shape, or form a push over. This sucker is mean, dangerous, and nasty able to give many of the usual monsters of the waste a run for their money. 
       Is this horror well done? Yes and I do think that its worth your time and energy for a download now that being said I also think that Mutant Epoch or any old school wasteland  DM should think very,very, carefully about using this horror and how it should be dealt with. The Tyrannosapien or Heaven forbid a pack of these mad bastards is capable of easily TPKing your group of wasteland warriors quite easily. This horror should be used with extreme caution or not. The monster evokes certain feelings of a combination of Pre code comics with the horror movie feel of the 80's put into a blender and set at Tyrannosapien then unleashed into the post apocalyptic wastelands. Grab this one and unleash it on your experienced PC's. This horror can do some damage add in the random mutations and you've got a complete night's adventure in one horrid package. 

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