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The Gale Allen Project And The 40th Women's Space Battalion For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

  Gale Allen was a product of late twenty fourth century bio engineering and cloning technologies, she was the product of a series of military cloning experiments performed by the first Venusian colonists. King Rogert and his family were founding members of the Universal Space Patrol organization. To help fill out the ranks of this budding organization, clones were used based off of  the Rogart family genetic temple as part of the 'Gale Allen' project. These cloned warriors would later go on to form the back bone of the 40th Women's Space Battalion, entirely comprised of female pilots and soldiers. Even today it is not unheard of for parties of adventurers to run into members of the so called Space Battalion. Which is now almost exclusively a mercenary organization selling its skills to the highest bidder.  But this is only one arm of the Universal Space Patrol that operates throughout the multiverse and other planes. 

 The Fortieth Women's Space Battalion's is made up by primarily by fighters of at least the fourth level or better, but there is a mix of 4th level or greater level sky lords, planet troopers, and sister hood acolytes who form the back bone of the Universal Space Patrol. The head quarters of the USP is  in Vanam, the canalized capital of Venus.The Universal Space Patrol had operatives and agents at all levels society scattered across many alternative Earths and other post apocalyptic time trails.This was true especially during the occupation of Earth by the Voltamen and the other super science alien tyrants during the 24th through 28th centuries. The Fortieth specializes in using super science technologies for sabotage and covert missions. They seem to have a preference for heavy weapons and explosives for property destruction and military asset subversion. 

 The Fortieth gain a +2 advantage with any ray guns or energy weapons that they use due to the intensive training in the super sciences that these warriors receive from the time of child hood. They are clever,intuitive and highly capable individuals who are often under estimated by others due to their charismatic looks and alluring demeanor. This is simply an act and these warriors are actually some of the most ruthless and cunning warriors one will meet.  Members of the Gale Allen Project often gain a +6 to charisma and +2 to their constitution scores. 

The Gale Allen Project has many super science facilities and cloning banks scattered throughout the mulitverse and across the scattered time trails of the various alternative universes. 

The Rise of the Martian Wasteland 

War Lords 


During the occupation of Earth by the Voltamen Martian gene warriors were brought in that conquer the European post apocalyptic wastelands. These warriors were commanded by Prince Blaga Daru  who was an interplanetary pirate and the product of a mix of Earth and Martian super science cloning arts. 

Headquartered in the ruins of London Daru's petty empire extended throughout the U.K. and into parts of German and Russia. But resistance was fierce especially since the Universal Space Patrol often employed bands of mercenaries and adventurers to assist the World Underground Movement. 
The Daru dynasty also has several super science military temples commanded by the warlord prince Daru, the cloned leader of the military forces of Gormona, a city on Mars.
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