Monday, April 6, 2015

Free OSR Fan Download - Dark Sun for Lamentations of the Flame Princess PDF

I love quality fan products and the Adventures In Parn blog has created a great free pdf for Lamentations of The Flame Princess and adapted it to the fantastic Dark Sun setting. All of the basics are there along with most of the major races converted over the LoFP system. Most of the world is not only in tact but full of all of the bone crunching and sword swinging action. 

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All of the world ravaged by sorcery action is in there, the pdf has all of the basics of this ancient alien world. Veteran game designer Rick Swan describes Dark Sun thus according to Wiki : Game designer Rick Swan described the Dark Sun setting: "Using the desert as a metaphor for struggle and despair, this set presents a truly alien setting, bizarre even by AD&D game standards. From dragons to spell-casting, from character classes to gold pieces, this set ties familiar AD&D conventions into knots, resulting in one of the most fascinating and original game worlds that TSR has ever produced."
So are all of the elements of Dark Sun intact? Mostly but there are a few differences between the LoFP fan made system and the original second edition products for example the author goes into these guidelines : 
The wife and I have been hard at work preparing Dark Sun for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Whilst we didn't manage to complete this one over the weekend, we're pretty damned close. Included is the Thri-Kreen, the Half-Giant, the Gladiator, the Mul, rules on piecemeal armor, non-metal weapons, and wild talents! Pretty much everything you need to start playing.
In the future we hope to add the Templar and the Psionicist, both of which are the most difficult. My current idea for the Psionicist is Magic-User that requires no hands to cast, cannot do M-U activities, can use any ability in their arsenal without prior memorization, and has an ability list that reflects psionics rather than magic.
So why do I care about a fan created LoFP system hack? Because it enables me to get even more utility out of all of those Dark Sun products that I've paid for in the past and that have been sitting on my shelf for the past years. This is a solidly done free pdf with some fantastic potential and its very nicely handled for what it does. Personally I'd get right into it and start playing today. I don't have the time to do yet another campaign because at the moment I've got a ton of stuff going on but more on that later. Be sure to thank the folks over at The Adventures in Parn blog for this quality free hack of Dark Sun campaign system. 
There is also a ton of  support on line for Dark Sun right over on the campaign setting's website right over :
As well as a pretty extensive wiki entry listing the setting's design history and what not right over HERE


  1. Very nice. I'm always looking for Dark Sun conversions.

  2. Glad I could help point out with this one David, for me this is one of the best Dark Sun conversions I've recently seen that is actually useful for LoFP. And with the amount of material that out on the market for both Dark Sun and Lamentations, this one was a no brainer for download. Glad I could point you in the right direction of this one. Cheers and thanks for the comment David! More coming up.


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