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1d10 Weird Finds From Within The Domed Cities Table For Your Old School Campaigns

These cities of the Ancients are found throughout the wastelands made of jet and green  porcelain like materials these places house weirdly wrought secrets and strange artifacts of sorcery & super science. The odd inhabitants are all that remain of these once mighty peoples. They can not even remember their origins but these domed palaces of a bygone era hold many mighty and dangerous secrets within them. Here is a listing of ten random artifacts to confound your adventurers.
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1d10 Weird Finds From
 Within The Domed Cities Table
  1. Strange genetically modified tree thing in the shape of a man that sings in many languages entire operas of alien and unknown qualities. Every hour he or it produces metal flowers from within its blue green hair like growths. These will heal 1d6 points of damage or banish fatigue from within the owner and then vanish. Worth 20 gold pieces for each flower. 
  2. Golden holographic mini projectors that show the heart's desire of their owners by telepathically scanning the mind of the said owner. Worth 400 gold pieces. 
  3. A purple and grey computer like device that projects semi solid dream like illusions from within the mind of those within 20 feet of it. These illusions have a semi addictive quality about them. The projector weights several hundred pounds and is well worth over 20000 gold pieces. 
  4. A giant glass  brain that has all kinds of weird and spinning liquids through it. The thing is a telepathic storage device that mimics the human mind and makes a snap shot copy of anyone standing within 20 feet of it. This thing then projects an extensive telepathic wave of thought and light energy that creates a semi real illusion of the past to those standing near it. The experience alone is worth 20 gold pieces per use. 
  5. An inner golden glowing robotic drone bird machine hybrid that creates telepathic thought patterns of weirdly erotically charged dreams that act as charm spells to those who are within eye shot of this bird. The lawmen of the domed cities use these to keep riots and civil unrest from happening. Worth 400 to 1000 gold pieces as this device works well out side of the cities. 
  6. A weird fan like device with hundreds of multiple holo projectors that create incredibly realistic holograms of people and animals from the minds of those around it. They will interact and almost but not quite be real. Have about the same substance as a phantasmal force spell. Worth 1000 to 5000 gold pieces. 
  7. Giant block like plastic cube with thousands of wires running through the center of this device. The thing acts like a giant artificial nervous system, this thing has thousands of nerve like contacts scattered through out the thing. This device may project pleasure, pain, and many emotions between as well. The device is actually a security system and fry victims minds for 3d6 points of telepathic damage. The thing can also force heal anyone by jump starting the victim's life force. Worth 60000 gold pieces. There is often an A.I. that controls such devices. 
  8. A wickedly dangerous robotic device that is actually a great warrior but is in fact a former peace droid that has been extensively modified into its current state. This robotic thing laments many of its past and wishes it could help with tactics and planning. The bot will want to advise in all matters of war and conquest. The robot is willing to share insights with anyone who will listen. There are super scientists willing to pay 7000 gold pieces for this unit. 
  9. Clone creator will telepathically scan its creator and will want to make their ideal fantasy a reality. These clones are temporary and will last 1d20 hours after which they will dissolved back into primordial soup. The device is a coffin like mechanism with lots of bells and whistles on it. Worth 60000 gold pieces the thing weighs several tons. 
  10. A hair salon chair like device that scans the minds of those who sit in it and creates incredibly vivid and erotic dreams for the victim. The device meantime has a snap shot of the victim's mind, this device can be used to  inject into the mind of the victim certain ancient Lovecraftian or advanced magical formulas. Worth 30,000 gold pieces to the right collector. 

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