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The Lizard - Lions Of Azitroth For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

Vicious, brutish, and highly dangerous the eight legged Lizard - Lions Of Azitroth is an ancient predator that was imported into the Outer worlds of the solar system during the golden years of space tourism by a number of colonial entrepreneurs. These opportunists  thought that the monsters would make excellent safari animals for interstellar big game hunters and alien overlords. The plan back fired spectacularly and instead the monsters proved to be a highly adaptable invasive and dangerous species. They are also incredibly hostile  to mankind and near human kind as well.

The lizard lions are native originally to the planet of Azitroth where the local tribes have formed  a deep  abiding telepathic bond with these eight legged behemoths. The beasts are telepathically controlled by the native warriors who ride the monsters  three to each beast's backs.  These warriors are usually 1st or 2nd level grey skinned Terran warriors ( see the Terran entry of the Fantastic Heroes and Witchery rpg) who attack armed with spears and light weight hide leather shields.
Comic Book Cover For Planet Comics #25

Each lizard lion attacks with a set of four vicious claws each doing 1-6 points of damage or should the opportunity present itself a wicked bite for 4-16 point of damage. They are surprisingly fast for a monster their size. Being originally of Earth style genetic stock, these monsters have gone through hundreds of generations to create a violent and dangerous monster that would challenge any hunter. They have in fact become imported to a number of interstellar worlds where they're masters have been employed as mercenary warriors. There have been reports of them being seen in action around the artificial jungle worlds of Jupiter, Neptune, and being hunt by vicious Mythos races around several of the ice worlds out near Pluto These varieties have developed a thick coat of fur to deal with the deadly conditions of those worlds.

Frequency: Rare to Uncommon depending upon
 the deployment of Azitrothian mercenary masters 
No Appearing: 1d4
Armor Class:4 
Hit Dice: 13
% In Lair: Nil 
No of Attacks: 4 
Damage/Attacks: 1-6/1-6/1-6/ 4-16 
Special Attacks: Nil 
Special Defenses: Nil 
Magic Resistance: Standard  
Intelligence: Semi 
Alignment: Neutral but very aggressive 
Size: L (17" Long)
Psionic Ability: Nil (except to their Azitroth tribal warrior masters) 
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil 

Because of the density of the lizard lion's hide there is a 5 % chance that the first shot of an energy weapon or ray gun may not penetrate the iron like muscle of the monsters

Comic Book Cover For Planet Comics #25

The Lizard Lions are originally  from the public domain comic book Planet Stories issue number 25. They appeared as part of the Flint Baker story by George Myles.  Perfect for any old school retroclone system or 1st edition AD&D, OSRIC or the FH&W system.

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