Wednesday, April 22, 2015

1d10 Unique Random Demonic Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

The clash of thunder, lightning, and brimstone marks the battles between adventurers and puppets behind the forces of the Beyond namely Hell itself. There are sometimes relics and artifacts left behind after such clashes but often times these things are far more dangerous and disgusting then anyone realizes. Here then is a random table of several demonic finds that may cause your adventurers a Hell of a time out in the wastes.

Only those of minor demonic blood can hope to hold on to these items without shock or disgust. These items carry with them a heavy price for those who use them will feel depressed and tired as if something awful and dangerous is stalking. 

1d10 Unique Random Demonic Finds Table 

  1. A vase of alabaster containing a strange buzzing something but stopped up with a sealed wax and thread symbol impressed into the wax. The vase is surrounded by a strange glowing pattern of erotically suggestive forms. The thing is able whisper rumors of war, gossip, and strangely weird bits of esoteric. If unsealed then a demonic cloud of weird supernaturally dangerous insects escapes. They have strange human like faces and savage sharp like miniature teeth. They count as a swarm and do 3d6 points of damage per round when they are released attacking both friend and foe alike. 
  2. A black piece of iron that seems slimy and disgusting to the touch. This piece of metal always points to the true direction of Hell and is able to damage ghosts, demons, devils,etc. There are several claw marks embedded in the thing. +1 weapon and its always slime ridden. 
  3. A broom of twisted oak and black burnt twigs at the end of it tied with twine made of human or perhaps animal gut. The thing grows warm to the touch with approaching storms and whispers on the winds. Once a day the broom may be used to summon a gust of fetid wind and used as a broom of flight should the command word be spoken. But the thing will after 1d10 months of operation cause a minor demon to take notice of the owner and it will want to 'talk' or eat the owner. 
  4. A dagger made from hell metal and the smallest finger claw of a demon, the thing isn't a weapon at all but an instrument of direction and torture. It points to its target's weakness and a small spooky voice whispers in the ear of the owner about the target. Another weapon must be used on the target  or the minor demon twisted in the metal of the thing will grow angry at the breaking of the game's rules. 
  5. A strangely wrought device made from the discarded junk of Hell. The device gives off weird noises that indicate when an angel or other Heavenly being enters within 50 miles of the owner. The thing requires frequent bits and pieces of blood to lubricate the organ like devices of the mechanism. A minor demon will come to make a pact after 1d30 days of operation and ownership of this device. 
  6. This +2 butterfly like knife device has been forged from an iron egg of an aborted demonic thrall. The knife is used to cut and slice the cords of life and death from a target. The thing is cursed with a bit of murder and there is a 30% chance of those using the thing will try and murder a loved one or even a complete stranger. The thing drips with a blue puss like substance at night. 
  7. A sack of black leather like substance that contains the ingredients for a minor demonic summoning along with the chant tattooed inside the still living bit of demon skin. There are nail clippings, weird powders, several bits of horror, and strange fetus like thing that appears to be still living. Once the words have been read, the entire thing is consumed in a gout of hell fire and a type 3 or better demon will appear and you'd better have a damn good reason for the summons.
  8. This twisted rod of fused human thigh bones echoes with the vibrations of hell, if someone holds it for 1d40 minutes there is a 30 % chance of a spell or other vital occult insight will be screamed out. The thing can also scream once per day a word of panic or fear all targets must save vs magick or be frozen with fear. 
  9. A minor demonic claw is present and its still alive. It can be used to open a gate into a middle Hell or the Beyond. The thing acts as a +2 weapon against mortals but writhes in fear of devils who cut apart its last owner. Once per day it can produce darkness and is considered cursed by those who see it. 
  10. The eye of a minor demon lord which looks balefully out onto the world. Once per day this still living thing can be used to gaze into Hell. Its owner knows when it gazes into the plane. The owner will seek to murder anyone who knows about it. The eye can cast a minor curse upon a target but the eye itself is considered cursed by many occultists.

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