Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Free OSR Resource - Dungeon Crawl Zine Issue #1 From the Semper Initiativus Unum Blog For Your Old School Campaigns

6 Marina lay upon a couch ... and fondled a fiery dragon with her right hand - Russian Fairy Book 1916, illustrator Frank C Pape.jpg
Grab It Right

This is a free old school fanzine and it really is what it appears to be an old school OD&D or AD&D 1st edition style fanzine of seven pages with all of the trimmings. This issue has a little bit of everything for a D&D style games it begins with 'What is a Trap' which is a set of guidelines and random tables for generating a perfect set of traps for your old school dungeons. A quick set of magic items and these are perfect for an old school sword and sorcery style games. There is a set of dark and dangerous monsters perfect for a wilderness or dungeon settings. The monsters range in from the basic style to the more advanced versions of with a version of a chimera monster. Then its a nasty range of new spells. And a nice little dungeon already fully stocked with monsters and ready to go. All in all a nice little perfect resource for both AD&D and OD&D. Well worth the download. 

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