Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Free OSR Dragon Foot Adventure - The Monastery of the Order of the Crimson Monks For Your Old School Campaigns

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An Adventure Module for Original and First Edition Roleplaying Games & Their Simulacra. Suitable for a Party of 4 to 8 Player Characters, Level 5 to 9.
Sometimes you need a fast dungeon with a solid background. This is one of those. The dungeon isn't too high level but has some well thought out details. Its easily used with many incarnations of the grand game but I think that Expert and AD&D 1st edition would work best here.
It clocks in at just a wee bit over twenty seven pages. The encounters are interesting enough to make this a sweet little adventure to run a group of PC's though cold but its a hard little crawl in what it does. The adventure encounters can be harsh if a party isn't thinking and there is potential for a TPK at several junctures in the adventure. The material is a nice old school feel to it and there's plenty here to work with for a party of experienced adventurers. They're not kidding with the fifth through ninth level of play.
There is plenty of room here for customization on the DM's part and because of the way it's written. Fitting this adventure into your existing campaign will be a snap.
The maps are well done, and very old school as well adding to the feel of the entire over all adventure. Monsters are straight out of the Monster Manual first edition and many of the encounters in this adventure could work in a number of retro clone systems or even an OD&D style game with a bit of shoe horning and conversion work. The adventure locations are strictly old school with the look and feel done as a tribute or love letter to the grand game.
You can't go wrong with a twenty seven page adventure that can be adapted across the board for a nice evening's entertainment. All in all this isn't an adventure that gets a lot of press or lime light and that's too bad. Its a really nice old school adventure resource with plenty of meat on the bone for a party of adventurers to have a good time with. Best of all its free with plenty to offer for fortune and glory in the old school style. 

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  1. As they guy who compiled this, I say thank for your review. Yes, there are a few typos and the layout needs tweaking for better use at the table, but I'm glad you find this a useful adventure!

  2. As a free adventure resource I think its a nice piece of adventure writing. And I find it useful as something to really get the PC's involved in a solid old school adventure. It also makes a nice high level side quest for a more involved campaign. A nice little piece of ruin delving for a higher level party and one that sticks close to the more traditional monsters and bits of AD&D 1st edition something that I can truly appreciate. Thanks for doing this mwschmeer and to the Dragonfoot crew for putting together a nice free adventure! Cheers and thanks for the comment!


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