Thursday, March 19, 2015

Free OSR Science Fantasy PC classes - Science-Fantasy Classes and Race For Fantastic Heroes & Witchery As Well As Your Old School Campaigns

I couldn't be more happy that the author of Fantastic Heroes and Witchery has decided to take the material from my Otherworld fan material from HERE HERE . And turn it into a free science fantasy supplemental set of classes. The material is well balanced and very well done. 


"Of course FH&W needs more classes! ;-D So, for play in science-fantasy settings, and inspired by Eric Fabiaschi, here is two new classes: the Planet Trooper and Purple Knight; plus a new race: the Mekan (an android) with its own racial class."
 The 4 pages freebie is for download on my website:

When I first created FH&W, I also planned to do a supplement called Future H&W. I later abandoned the idea. But I have already enough material for a 60 pages supplement. So, now I am thinking: why not? Why should this have to be 130 pages long? I can do a small supplement just 60 pages long. This would be mostly new races, new classes, new equipment, and spells for a magitech-wizard. And this would be focused mostly on science-fantasy, not hard science-fiction. I even have all the stock-art necessary!

In any case, this not for soon. First is the Dark Albion and Blasphemous Bestiary on the anvil...

Now I couldn't be more thrilled with this turn of events.Fantastic Heroes and Witchery is getting the science fantasy supplement it deserves. Except for one small detail.Could I please have at least a partial credit on the website and pdf for inspiring the class? Thanks.
And here's what I was taught years ago,and this is for all you OSR & non rpg publishers,writers,designers etc. Credit the work of those you work with and have links pointing back to your sources. I'm not a person who bites the hand that feeds him but this is a matter of simple manners folks. Fantastic Heroes and Witchery is going to be the backbone of my gaming for the next couple of years at least if not more. 

And now an update has been made and the credit installed! Thanks to the author, funny how all I've had nothing but positive experiences with the OSR.


  1. You are very diligent with your crediting of sources, Needles, and here is your good Karma :-)

    I too eagerly await a science fantasy supplement for FH&W, though I feel that the material in the core book alone is already more than many more genre-specific games offer.

  2. I sure as hell try to credit and back link to everything that I do. I think it was a blog post that Jeff Reints did a while back about crediting your sources and making sure that you back point links to your sources. Skirmisher Publishing is another influence in that regard.I can't wait till more of this science fantasy material for FH&W sees the light of day.
    I think that part of FH&W appeal for me is that it dives below the surface of the usual pulp or science fantasy material and actually pulls up some of what I think is part of the awesome appeal of the genre. It lays this bleeding carcass on the table and allow the DM to play with it as opposed to simply casting it into the background of the setting.


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